DealCloud Differentiator: DealCloud University


Here at DealCloud we firmly believe in the value our deal management solution provides our clients and are incredibly thoughtful when it comes to enabling them for success. As experts in not only our platform but what the day-to-day looks like for our end users, we are constantly creating resources to meet our clients’ needs.  Every client site is connected to DealCloud University, which is a unique resource library available for all users.


As DealCloud’s Client Training Manager, I learn and adapt from every client interaction.  It is this knowledge that then empowers me to process what other training resources we can build within DealCloud University. I meet regularly with other DealCloud employees, from the Account Managers to the Implementation Analysts, to collaborate and share what we are hearing from our clients and apply that feedback to a platform use-case scenario. We are constantly putting ourselves in our clients’ shoes and scripting courses and creating content that addresses their needs.


When implementing a new software, confidence is key and DealCloud University was built specifically to empower our clients with confidence in their knowledge of our platform and their ability to achieve their firm’s goals.  Anyone who has a login to DealCloud should understand what value it will provide them as a user (and their firm as a whole), how they will be using it, and how to use it.




Our on-demand training resources in DealCloud University are readily available via the DealCloud platform so users can conveniently find answers quickly – accessible 24/7. We offer content for all user profiles, including General Users, Power Users, and Platform Managers. Are you a new user who is just getting started and need to learn the basics? We offer a Getting Started Resources track with content to start using the essential functions of the software. Will you be managing the DealCloud platform for your firm? We have laid out a full Platform Manager Certification path that guides you to understand how to make firm-wide changes quickly and effectively.


In addition to these on-demand resources, we are engaging live with our clients on a daily basis.  I host live web training sessions (including quarterly new release training), design and deliver custom rollout training sessions and work closely with our account managers to accommodate ad-hoc training requests through professional services delivery.


Q2 Training.png

On behalf of the team at DealCloud, I would like to thank our clients for their contribution to the material we are building and delivering and promise that our efforts are rooted in the belief that there is always something new that we can learn. To share our knowledge is a real gift and one that drives not just my day-to-day, but those of my colleagues as well.


Katy Plott

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