DealCloud Differentiator: One-to-Many Relationships


One-to-Many relationships doesn’t sound that complicated. You send one email to many people, probably daily. It’s not unfair to think that your CRM *should* be able to handle this. Consider this in the context of a deal you’re working on: the Company, Financial Sponsors, Advisors on the buy and sell side, Legal Counsel, Accountants, and depending on the complexity of the deal, many more parties.


Generic B2B CRMs were designed to support a sales process, eg: salesperson A sells a widget to operating company B, hence the name of the most popular option available – salesforce. It was not however, designed for the complexity of the deal making process due to its rigid hierarchy of Account > Opportunity > Contact.


Let’s consider the deal we described earlier, and there is a conference call with the Advisors, a Sponsor, and Legal representation. Using a Generic B2B CRM, just tracking this in the system would look something like this:





In the most basic of scenarios for the average deal, a single call or meeting might require 50 clicks to log, not including the copy and pasting and entering of duplicative information. It’s not hard to imagine why user adoption tends to be so low with these types of B2B CRM systems, and without adoption, you have no usable information to leverage. DealCloud is Different.





DealCloud is Different. Rather than force ridged hierarchy the platform allows for a flexible object model that allows the linking of Contacts, Deals, Sponsors, Advisors, and anything else you may want, even Industries or Regions to a single note entry. Tracking these complicated relationships is possible through a web browser, mobile app, in Outlook, and even from a spreadsheet.


By removing the initial hurdle of simplifying entry and tagging, DealCloud clients experience high adoption rates, accurate useful information, and meaningful intelligence about their deals and key relationships.

See One-To-Many relationships in action –

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Saar Menachemi

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