DealCloud Differentiator: Microsoft Word add-in


Lots of systems give you the ability to export to Excel, including DealCloud which can handle Microsoft Excel reporting in ways many CRMs can’t.


There are times though where Excel just won’t cut it for what you are trying to report on. Rows and Columns are great, but not for when you need to create something that incorporates specific formatting, logos, or anything else Microsoft Word handles well.


Many clients have shared stories of late nights cobbling together of reports for senior management, or clients that requires countless hours of tweaking formatting, only to have to update these same reports week after week.  Pipeline reports, fund raising status, or buyers lists reports are all such examples.


Using a generic business-to-business CRM like Chances are your stuck with the option to either license a 3rd party tool at additional fees per month, or The data is exported as a CSV file, which opens in Excel, has no formatting, and needs manual updating, copy/pasting or transposing to get it in the right format. No, its not just you, everyone’s blood pressure just went up reading that last sentence.


DealCloud is different. There is no need to export to CSV or Excel, or license a 3rd party tool to drive up your total cost of ownership. Instead, we offer a Microsoft Word platform extension thats part of your relationship with DealCloud. You can easily create reports or templates that can refresh with the push of a button, or be scheduled for email delivery.


You can have as many reports as you and your team need saved in DealCloud. Then, based on what you need to report on, like a specific Deal, Client, Fund or even all of these together, DealCloud will download your data from our hosted database into your pre-formatted report on your desktop. Think of it working like a giant Mail Merge in the Sky. The DealCloud team can even help set up the majority of your reporting templates so that on Day 1 you are ready to go.  Need to create new reports or want to tweak the ones you have? We have all the tools you’ll need covered in DealCloud University.


Here’s how it works. You simply log-in to DealCloud through our Microsoft Word add-in. This allows you to edit or run your existing reports, or create new ones. You can then leverage any of the fields available to you in DealCloud using the side panel as seen in the screen shot to the below. Those fields, will populate into the report format you see, which can be set up to use your corporate branding, colors and logo.


DealCloud for Microsoft Word


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