DealCloud Differentiator: Business Card Scanner


Just attended a meeting or conference and got a stack of business cards and want to add them to DealCloud? Don’t want to type in all of the contact details for each person? We’ve got your solution.


DealCloud‘s mobile app offers lots of great features like configurable and mobile optimized views,  robust type ahead search that looks across deals, companies and notes, and the ability to create or edit content for any object in DealCloud. One of the newer, and most requested features, is the ability to scan business cards directly into DealCloud as contacts using OCR.


Here’s how it works:

Mobile 1
DealCloud Mobile Add Entries screen. Just select “Scan a Card”


From DealCloud Mobile, click the Add button and from the Add Entries screen, you’ll have the option to “Scan a Card” along with the usual options of adding Notes, Deals or Tasks. You’ll also be able to scan a card from the new Contacts input form.


After clicking “Scan a Card” you’ll be prompted to either take a photo or load from the image library. The image library will allow you to access the photos already on your device, giving you the flexibility of taking pictures of business cards through out the course of a day or business trip, and then add them as contacts in DealCloud at a later time.


DealCloud Mobile will then take the image and covert it into a new Contact entry form. You’ll have the chance to review or enter any additional details you’d like about the contact, such as where you met them, or any other information that might not be listed on the business card.  In the screen shots below you’ll see an example, but try it for yourself! DealCloud Mobile is available for iOS and Android Devices through the Apple App Store and Google Play.



Dan Hammaker

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