DealCloud Differentiator: “Work on Behalf of”


Constant traveling and days filled with meetings have long plagued the private equity, investment banking, corporate development, and lending industries. When face time is high, screen time tends to be low… and the first thing that falls by the way-side is updating and maintaining records in your CRM. Luckily, that intellectual capital can now be captured in your CRM platform – even if you didn’t submit it yourself.

In our continued pursuit of providing the most easily configurable CRM platform on the market, we’ve developed new a functionality called “Work on Behalf of.” This makes it possible for users to execute on work within the DealCloud platform on behalf of someone else. This is especially useful for users who have team members – such as interns or administrative assistants – assist with work.

Now, not just anyone can do work on behalf on another person. The first step in enabling this functionality is to specify which proxy users are eligible to switch to another user’s profile and do work on their behalf in DealCloud.

Switch to another user’s profile in order to work on behalf of them.

When logged into DealCloud under another user’s profile, the proxy will have the same capabilities, read/write access, dashboards, views, document access, etc. as the user they are working on behalf of. So, when selecting a proxy user, be sure to consider all matters of confidentiality and sensitivity.

While working on behalf of another user, the blue bar seen above will be displayed in the top-right corner of the DealCloud platform screen.

Additionally, any changes (creations, edits, deletions) made by the proxy will be attributed to the user they are working on behalf of (the ‘Modified By’ / ‘Created By’ fields will show the user’s name, instead of the proxy’s name). This is particularly useful to teams because they won’t see any difference between information entered by the proxy or information entered by the user him/herself.

If a log of every change / entry submitted by a proxy is desired, that can be easily accessible from the the Data Audit and Revert Changes grid. Users will now see a column called ‘Proxy.’ This column will display the proxy’s name beside any and all changes that the proxy made while working on behalf of another user. Proxy users can leverage this log as a quick summary and confirmation of the work that was completed, and can be reviewed/approved by the user they are working on behalf of.

Logging work on behalf of another user is also easy to do through the Outlook add in.

Having “Work on Behalf of” functionality enables members of your team to work together and lean on each other for support with more ease. This level of flexibility is unseen in many CRM platforms, but is now available to all DealCloud clients.

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Kari Lukovics

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