DealCloud Differentiator: “Connect” at our 2nd Annual Client Conference


Dealmakers are no strangers to conferences and events, and among some, attending them regularly is “just a cost of doing business.” Over a year ago, we set out to host a completely different kind of conference – one where dealmakers could do more than just meet new people and get new dealflow. We created DealCloud Connect, an all-day event where our clients can spend their time hearing about the latest trends in firm operations, gathering strategic intelligence from leaders in the industry, and learning endless tips and tricks to make themselves more effective in their day-to-day activities.

On June 6th, 2019, DealCloud will host the 2nd annual DealCloud Connect Summit in New York City, with hundreds of capital markets professionals in attendance. We’ll be sharing high-quality, industry-specific content all day long, including DealCloud platform tips and tricks, panel discussions, and keynote presentations.  See below for a few key benefits of attending, as well as programming to look forward to:

  1. Targeted programming: This year, our “breakout sessions” will be tailored to your unique interests. From deep dives into product enhancements and new functionalities in DealCloud, to focusing on driving CRM user adoption, to innovating your firm’s data and analytics capabilities, attendees can customize their day and focus on what’s most important to them.
  2. On-site technical support: With any technology, you hit snags or roadblocks – this is especially true of capital markets technology that has to reflect a very complex web of deals and relationships. Don’t go it alone – speak with the team at DealCloud University Labs to get help with setting up notifications, dashboards, automated reports, and much more!
  3. On-site consulting: If you’re looking for ways to drive new efficiencies through technology, or if you’re curious about the latest strategies that other firms are deploying, be sure to stop by DealCloud University Labs to speak with our team of consultants. With over 600 successful deployments of DealCloud, and over 60,000 custom dashboards built to date, they have the knowledge to help you take your instance of DealCloud to the next level.
  4. The industry’s most innovative minds in attendance: Today’s most successful capital markets firms are those that have found ways to make their internal operations faster and more efficient. These professionals are driving increased profitability and firm-wide transparency through the use of smart, purpose-built technologies. If you’re looking to make new connections and learn from industry peers, you’re going to want to meet the people in the room at DealCloud Connect, including many who have completed their Platform Manager ceritifcations.
  5. Actionable knowledge to take back to your firm: Every session was thoughtfully built so that the clients who are “power users” of our platform are accompanied by a DealCloud team member. By doing this, we are equipping session attendees with not just best practices and hypotheticals, but real, tangible direction and instruction.

Complimentary event access is offered exclusively to DealCloud’s investment banking, private equity, lending, corporate development, investor relations and LP clients. If you haven’t registered yet, be sure to reach out to your Account Manager, or contact to sign up.


Sarah Goldfuss

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