A Day in the Life at DealCloud’s Charlotte Office


It’s been nearly one month since we opened our new DealCloud Intapp offices in Charlotte, NC and the experience has been super! From a bright, airy setup with lots of open spaces, ample snacks to satisfy any craving, and gorgeous city views, our team is loving their new workspace, which is helping them up the ante on productivity. Here, we offer you a behind-the-scenes look (and some personal commentary) of our new digs by way of our Implementation Associate, Kripa Shah.

Interviewer: What is your role at DealCloud and how long have you been with us?

Kripa Shah: I’ve been with DealCloud for about two years now. I’m an Implementation Associate and our private equity lead.

Interviewer : Can you tell us about DealCloud’s new office in Charlotte?

KS: The new office is great for multiple reasons. One being that it’s a newer building in the city. It is a much larger space for us, which was necessary since we’re growing quickly. The new office is lighter, has more windows, more accessibility to things that we didn’t have before – including our co-workers.

We have our implementation team here, client success, and managed services. It’s really easy for us to communicate with each other because we’re all on one floor instead of in different rooms.

Interviewer : Tell us about your new workspace. What does it look like?

KS: My new workspace is quite an upgrade. We have standing desks that we can adjust, which is great. I’m also able to really make the space my own. I have LED lights set up around my desk, as well as a speaker for when I stay late and need a pick-me-up. 

I also like the open seating. I can see my neighbor easily as well as the person across from me. Overall, the new space is much more modern and has reignited motivation here (especially in summer).

Interviewer : What’s your favorite spot in the new office?

KS: It’s a little weird to say but my desk is my new favorite spot – probably because of the way I’ve personalized it.  Holistically, I would say the kitchen is the best spot. Obviously because of the snacks but also because we brought our ping pong table back out from the old office. Fun fact – I was interviewed on that ping pong table back in 2017 so it has extra significance for me. 

Members from different teams will play one another. So, it creates that camaraderie. One of our four core values is to win together. And I think that having a space to have fun for a little break in the day really helps us live that. 

Interviewer : What do you do after you leave the office? What are some fun go-to spots around the office that you like?

KS: I like to call DealCloud my family. And as a family we go to this little place called Tilt. Ironically, it’s not the go-to place in Charlotte but it’s next door to our old office, so it’s special. You’re able to play beer pong and nitrous. They also have good throwback music. We’ve had so many bonding experiences there that oftentimes we all gather there on a Friday evening.

Interviewer : In one word, how would you describe DealCloud’s new office?

KS: Refreshing

Get a closer look at DealCloud’s new offices as well as our open positions.


Kari Lukovics

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