Business Intelligent Thinking for Sell-Side M&A Advisory


Successful sell-side M&A/corporate finance advisory engagements depend on connecting your client to the most interested and high-powered buyer. For any given transaction, there are thousands of potential strategic investors and financial sponsors that could purchase the business you are representing. How do you narrow the options down to the few buyers that are most relevant and will pay the highest multiple?


As discussed in our first article in this series, Business Intelligent Thinking (BIT) is a framework for leveraging your firm’s data to make actionable decisions that meet your business objectives. Through regular use of DealCloud to track and manage sell-side M&A advisory processes, your firm has collected valuable knowledge that can be analyzed and leveraged for future sell-side engagements.


Gone are the days where buyer lists from past mandates sit in a spreadsheet on an analyst’s desktop never to be seen or used again. Instead, best-in-class M&A advisors are leveraging DealCloud’s My Views, Target Builder, and Dispatch email campaigns to identify buyers, automate outreach efforts, and track the sell-side deal process as it unfolds. In this article, we discuss why BIT for sell-side M&A advisory engagements will improve your team’s efficiency and build better institutional capital for future projects.


Analyze Your Data

Imagine that you have 10 years of historic buyers lists in DealCloud containing data such as the milestone that the buyer reached, the bids submitted, and the sector/geography/revenue/EBITDA of the business being sold. Using DealCloud’s Target Builder feature, you can query that data for your new engagement to create a focused list of likely buyers based on how they have behaved in previous auctions.


Due to the flexible data model of DealCloud (which allows you to create your own fields, choice values, and references), you can creatively design a bespoke system for your organization’s specific objectives and clients.

Action Your Insights

Now that you have used your firm’s collective knowledge to curate a targeted list of buyers with a high probability of submitting a bid, you can leverage DealCloud Dispatch email marketing to track interest and reduce the manual work to market a deal.


Through the Dispatch interface, you can send a personalized email with an attached document and track a recipient’s engagement with that email. Combining this data with a notification that alerts team members when a teaser email has been opened. This ensures that you stay ahead of the curve in marketing your investment opportunity.



DealCloud has the flexibility and reporting engine to support firms looking to optimize their daily operations and activities more effectively. Managing sell-side M&A advisory processes in a Business Intelligent manner is only one of the many use cases that DealCloud can help with.


For more information about leveraging actionable insights and data with the help of the DealCloud platform, click here. To schedule time to speak with our team, click here.


Matthew Kordonowy

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