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At DealCloud, we believe that for a marketing organization to thrive in the private capital markets, it is essential to have the tools available to operate an integrated marketing strategy. Once the right tools are in place, marketers are empowered to scale profitable relationships, capitalize on effective communication, and leverage the data and insights that are constantly being generated across the entire firm.


In early 2019, the rollout of Dispatch gave DealCloud users the ability to interact with the contacts already existent in their DealCloud instance natively, without switching between software that may or may not communicate efficiently or update regularly. Furthermore, Dispatch users can build lists of recipients filtered on all available CRM fields, taking advantage of a robust repository of information and unique metrics tracked by the firm. But there is another piece to the marketing puzzle, how are leads and prospect details captured and mapped into DealCloud?


With Dispatch Pages, users can now produce and launch web content directly from DealCloud. This means custom tailored content for landing pages and web forms, accessible through Dispatch, built from scratch or from saved templates within the platform. Once landing pages or web forms are deployed, all submissions and inputs received flow directly into DealCloud, streamlining the way new information is gathered and distributed into the system.


A few examples of what landing pages and web forms from Pages can do:


-Have prospects register for an event

-Gather details for downloadable content

-Drive attention to a new strategy or solution

-Initiate contact with an interested investor



How it works:


When navigating into Dispatch, all users will see additions to both the top navigation and the left-side menu in DealCloud: Pages and Submissions. It is also important to note that the Templates menu includes a new tab for the creation and management of Pages templates, as shown in the image above.


By clicking the blue “+ New Template” button, the user is prompted to enter a name for the new template, as well as the option to map the page to a submission list. By directing a template to a submission list, all inputs on that page or form will be held temporarily on the submissions page within Dispatch to be approved or rejected for mapping into the appropriate list in DealCloud. Next, the user is ready for template design.


When diving into the Edit Template screen as seen in the image below, the design tools will be familiar for users who have built out Dispatch campaigns in the past. The editor uses drag and drop functionality that makes it easy to place columns, text sections, images, buttons, and items. Once a template is built out, it’s a simple process to add content and make it live.


With a template saved, users can navigate into Pages and click on “+New Page”  to start. From here they’ll see inputs for the details of the new page such as name, page type, and more in depth specifics of the project. Next, select a template and have the chance to add custom content unique to this page, leveraging the same tools used in the template builder to further home in on the desired messaging or specific call to action.


Finally, the user moves into the “Preview & Publish”  step (image below), for a review of the page. Here there is a rundown of the page details, as well as the option to publish immediately or at a future date and time. At this point, the user can add additional fields for submissions, such as tagging each submission to a specific event, or marking each new subscription as “Requires Follow Up.”



Dispatch now makes it simple to design and launch new and customized pages directly to the web from DealCloud, enabling marketers to get even more out of their firm’s data than ever before. The new information obtained from these forms integrates seamlessly with the campaigns, events, and relationships already in motion. This level of connectivity can be an invaluable asset for any size organization looking to leverage the eye-opening insights that the flexibility and interactivity of DealCloud provides.


To learn more about DealCloud Dispatch, click here.

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