Top six security questions to ask your capital markets technology provider

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Today’s top capital markets firms are constantly looking to improve processes, workflows, connectivity, and communication, all in the name of running a
more efficient and streamlined operation that’s focused on a central goal. In this search for increased performance and profitability, firms can employ a wide range of solutions throughout their organization. Unfortunately, there are baseline risks that come with managing and storing sensitive data in 2019, but there are just as many precautions that can be taken to establish and maintain a high level of security.


It’s essential to hold all third-party solution providers to the highest standard of security and data security to ensure that all attainable steps are being taken to protect data. Download this point of view to learn more about the key questions to ask technology providers in the capital markets industry, and to learn more about key industry certifications, data security and backup compliance, and controlled access measures.


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