Product Release: Winter 2020 Updates and Enhancements


DealCloud is pleased to announce the details of the Winter 2020 product release, which provides solutions that simplify processes central to maintaining a sustainable and valuable system for our 800+ clients. These enhancements are fueled by feedback and suggestions we have received from our cross-functional user base,  and effectively streamline the way dealmakers edit, search, visualize, and report on their data.


What’s New?


Quick Search Personalization:
We have upgraded the Quick Search functionality, allowing users to filter quick search results by list. This increases efficiency when searching for a specific contact, engagement, email, or any data point.


The drop-down menu preceding the Quick Search bar functions as a filtering mechanism which narrows the universe of search results displayed to a user.


DealCloud has also added a “Personalization” feature which uses a proprietary tracking algorithm to augment search results so that they reflect historical user activity. Our users typically perform certain tasks (such as searching) consistently, and this feature helps to create a more seamless user experience.


Direct Edit:
Welcome to a new era of simplified data editing capabilities! The Direct Edit feature makes it possible for users to edit values directly from outputs (dashboards, detail pages, grids, etc.), which saves time and encourages users to improve data integrity.


Users are now able to directly edit values from any dashboard or grid in DealCloud, in two ways: a) double click any value, or b) access the “Direct Edit” option in the vertical menu that appears when hovering, displayed above.


The entry form window will appear when either action depicted above is executed. The first time this action is performed, the entry form will appear as a general overlay, and the user can “pin” the entry form to the side of the page, displayed above.


When a value is clicked for Direct Edit, the entry form will automatically navigate so the user can type directly into the relevant field, creating efficiency for users updating data. Additionally, by pinning the entry form to the side, users can view and edit data points concurrently, on one page.


Updating specific values in an extensive approval checklist is an action that many dealmakers must perform regularly  within DealCloud. Direct Edit allows these users to seamlessly edit the fields they are responsible for, removing the need to scroll through a lengthy entry form.


We understand that capital markets firms exist in a dynamic, ever-changing ecosystem. As such, we have upgraded our reporting functionality to match the complexity of our clients’ deals and other initiatives, allowing you to make more confident and data-driven decisions.

Parameterized Reports:
Users are now able to run reports and tearsheets more dynamically by supplying certain values at the point in time a report is run, rather than when the report is initially created. This functionality makes DealCloud’s reporting tool more dynamic and robust.

Selecting the “Supply Value Later” when configuring a report/view is required to take advantage of the Parameterized Reports functionality. Users can select this option for multiple fields (i.e. it could be selected for both Stage and Primary Industry, or just Primary Industry, as shown above).



At the point in time when a user runs a report, they will see a choice option similar to the above graphic, allowing them to specify the parameters for how the report should be run.


The parameterized reporting functionality will allow users to have more control and flexibility to how information is rendered on pre-configured template reports.


If a client wants to view relationships with an LP pertaining to a specific fund, for example, they will have the ability to filter the pre-configured/formatted tear sheet by fund at the point in time the report is run, due to the ability to filter through the parameterized reporting functionality.


DealCloud is thrilled to continue to provide solutions that drive value for our 800+ clients. If you are a current DealCloud client:Hopefully the enhancements showcased above have grabbed your attention! If you would like more detailed information regarding the Winter 2020 product release, please visit DealCloud University where you can find Detailed Release Documentation. If you are not a current DealCloud client:If you are interested in learning more about our best-in-class deal, relationship, and firm management platform, please click here to learn more about our platform or schedule a demo.


Marika Crowe

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