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Globally positioned as best-in-class operators, private equity firms leverage technology to transform their portfolio companies into operational powerhouses. Applying the same rigor to their own operations and data infrastructure, firms have moved beyond spreadsheets, email-as-filingcabinet, and back-of-napkin notes to adopt the technologies required to stay ahead of the curve.


The Riverside Company (Riverside) is a global investment firm founded in 1988 that has invested in more than 600 small and midsized companies with an eye toward fueling transformative growth and creating sustainable value. Contending with disparate applications and workflows, along with compliance requirements and enterprise reporting on top of an industry-specific CRM platform, Riverside adopted DealCloud for its own dealmaking processes.


This decision streamlined operations, contained overhead costs, and delivered better business outcomes. Moving forward, Riverside is committed to automating other key business functions to benefit from operational agility and better decision-making capabilities.


Below, we offer an in-depth case study that showcases how The Riverside Company streamlined operations, improved business outcomes, and strengthened corporate culture by leveraging  DealCloud’s technology.


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Olivia Simons

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