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The events that have taken place over the last several weeks are a painful reminder of the profound racism and deeply-rooted discrimination that disproportionately impact people of color. These recent events have unfolded on top of a once-in-a-century pandemic and global recession that have exacerbated long-standing societal strains — a reality that leaves us all seeking understanding and ways to help.


Last week, our CEO shared a personal view of Intapp’s core values with the company (see below). While we are far from making the systemic change necessary in our society, today we stand with a chorus of organizations determined to make change together, for the better of everyone.


To begin our journey as individuals and as a collective, we have committed to developing and implementing a more robust Diversity & Inclusion program; to matching our employees’ donations to organizations whose mission is social justice; and to offering one paid volunteer day for every global employee to spend engaged in their community.


We celebrate the inherent differences among our global teams and clients, and as a company we have forged a common understanding that we are all created equal, and that every single person should be given the opportunity to feel safe and to be treated fairly.


Put simply: at Intapp, there is no place for racism.


We continue to foster an inclusive culture across the company and reaffirm our commitment to embrace and promote long-standing equality for all.



The Senior Executive Leadership team of Intapp:

John Hall
Thad Jampol
Dan Tacone
Ben Harrison
Mark Holman
Steve Robertson
Don Coleman
Michele Murgel



See below for the full letter from our CEO, John Hall, which was sent to the global employee base on June 3, 2020:

Friends and colleagues,

I have spent the last few days talking and texting with many of you. Each of us is trying to make sense of the events that we’ve witnessed in our society, and the emotions that we have each been feeling. The experience is overwhelming.

We are collectively horrified and sickened by the senseless brutality in the death of George Floyd, and in the deaths of others like Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor. Tragically, these are neither unique nor isolated events — a reality that leaves us all seeking what to do and how to help. We feel a range of emotions, including horror, heartbreak, anger, grief, and fear.

These events unfold on top of a once-in-a-century pandemic and global recession that have exacerbated long-standing societal strains. Black citizens are bearing a disproportionate share of these tragedies. This deeply concerns us all — certainly all Americans, but appropriately, also the world. 

In the midst of this, I have taken inspiration from the deep care and concern for our teammates and our society being expressed by every one of you with whom I have spoken. I am reminded every moment that our Intapp family is made up of incredible people from all over the world. Our teams in Palo Alto, Kyiv, Charlotte, Chicago, Atlanta, London, Sydney and New York are each inherently different, but as a company we have successfully forged a common bond that recognizes and values each individual, regardless of color, ethnicity, or background. I want every member of our team to know that your time with us and your unique experiences add to the strength of our family. Each and every team member is welcome here and we are a better team because we are together.

Our values at Intapp have always centered on creating a great company together — a place where every employee is welcomed, respected and valued — and a company that we can all be proud of. At Intapp, there is no place for racism of any kind, nor discrimination against any group or any individual, in any form. These are fundamental values that have been our foundation since the company’s inception over 20 years ago. They remain as true and as strong today — in some respects even more so given what is happening in the world around us.

Many of you have communicated to me how you seek to make a difference personally. In that vein, and respecting the tremendous capability of this growing team, we want to contribute the most meaningful thing we can — the power and effort of our incredible global team members — to making a direct difference to the local and global communities around us. We are creating a new program that provides for a fully paid volunteer day for every employee to engage in our community and to support the causes that are most important to each of you around the world. I want to thank our HR team who have been working on this significant program, and who will communicate further details in the next few days. 

It is difficult to provide words of assurance or even comfort in our current environment. But I am absolutely confident in our ability to come together, to support each other, to continue to create great client experiences, and to strengthen the tremendous culture that we have built. This in turn will further our ability to excel as a globally interconnected company — one driven by a collective sense of purpose and our shared values — one that I am extremely proud of.

Finally, let me close by saying — even while we are all pursuing our daily work, this is also a moment in history that calls for deep humanity and personal connections. This is particularly challenging when we’re all still isolating in our homes. So please do take the time to check in on your friends and colleagues, and with those who may have been most impacted by recent events. Please continue to listen with empathy, and be supportive, just as you have been doing.

As always, I appreciate working with you.

With best regard,

John Hall


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