3 automated reports that bankers can use to replace Zoom meetings


Over the past few months, investment banking and advisory professionals have had to adapt to a new normal. Transitioning from the usual in-person meetings to interacting with team members and clients exclusively through virtual meetings, the 8+ hours spent behind a screen every day have become exhausting to many.


If you are experiencing Zoom fatigue, one of the best ways you can combat it is to audit your weekly meetings and evaluate which could be replaced with automated reports. By leveraging investment banking automation and the reporting capabilities available within DealCloud’s deal and relationship management platform, you are able to create custom reports and provide your clients and team members with the information they need at the click of a button. By using this investment bank report automation, you can eliminate the need to set up countless Zoom calls. In this article, we evaluate three meetings investment bankers can cancel by leveraging DealCloud’s investment bank report automation tools.


Weekly pipeline meetings

What if you could replace your weekly Monday morning pipeline meetings with an email? Since DealCloud’s platform was built and designed for deal and relationship management by investment bankers, receiving a properly formatted, detailed report emailed to you on a schedule as an attachment, is something easily accomplished. Creating templated reports such as weekly deal tear sheets using the scheduled report functionality allows for weekly pipeline meetings to be replaced, since team members are provided with the information they need in a detailed and concise format at the click of a button. By creating this cadence, team members can expect to see the tear sheet templates in their inbox and be prepared to review and discuss offline, if needed.


In order to create these reports, you can design the report you want using DealCloud’s Microsoft Word add-in functionality. Next, in DealCloud, your newly designed report template is available under Tools > Template Reports where you can schedule it for delivery straight to your inbox whenever you choose.


Users may choose from the above options when creating an automated report.


Above is an example of a pipeline report generated through DealCloud.


Deal stage review meeting

Instead of taking the time out of your team’s schedule to discuss the stages of all deals, DealCloud’s automated reporting capabilities enable you to send these updates via email, saving you and your team time to be allocated to other activities. Your team can be informed of all deals and stages and be prepared to discuss only critical changes, if needed. They can also be alerted with an automated email whenever a deal stage changes, keeping them up to date on the deal status in real time. With this tool, you can also choose what you’d like to know about each stage of the deal, including deal stage, industry, firm source, deal status, and reason that a deal became dead, and more.


 Above is an example of the Deal Stage report that comes directly to your inbox.


Sponsor coverage meeting

Despite deal volume being low, great investment banks are staying in constant communication with buyers so that when a good deal comes to market, they can see which buyers are able to partake in that deal. Many times, investment banks host weekly meetings to go over their buyers list, especially for certain industries, but with DealCloud they can automate that list using DealCloud’s investment banking automation. Automating these reports eliminates the need to have a meeting to discuss the list of motivated buyers and ensures each team member is provided with the information they need.


Within the DealCloud platform, you can view select buyers.




Instead of having analysts spending their time doing research about the buyer, you can look at the company dashboard and access all the information you would need directly on the DealCloud platform. Having the ability to prioritize your relationship management activities with sponsors without needing to have meetings will save you time and energy. It’s important to work smart, not hard, when it comes to investment banking deals.


Investment bankers have access to a plethora of information on potential buyers using the DealCloud platform.


Using DealCloud’s automated reporting, users can easily download sponsor reports that include all the details found on their DealCloud dashboards.


DealCloud’s deal and relationship management technology empowers dealmakers to harness the cumulative intellectual capital of their people and processes. With the DealCloud platform, dealmakers get a single source of truth to help them manage relationships, execute deals, and easily connect with external solutions and third-party data providers. Get in touch today to schedule a demo and learn more about DealCloud’s solutions and services, as well as the markets we serve.

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