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J2 Global, Inc. (NASDAQ: JCOM) is a leading internet information and services company consisting of a portfolio of brands, reaching over 230 million people per month across its brands. J2 Global seeks to acquire and support internet enabled companies in a variety of sectors, including media, technology and services and routinely ranks among the most active acquirers in its sectors, having deployed approximately $3 billion of acquisition capital since its founding.


With over 1,000 potential acquisition targets flowing through the J2 Global Corporate Development team’s ecosystem each year, spreadsheets for deal pipeline management and deal flow prioritization became insufficient. With such a large amount of deal and corporate development activity, the J2 Global team realized it needed a more sophisticated tool.


Below, we offer an in-depth case study that showcases how J2 Global more efficiently managed its pipeline and deal flow  by leveraging DealCloud’s technology.


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