Case study: KPMG Corporate Finance in the U.K.

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KPMG Corporate Finance in the U.K. (KPMG CF) provides a broad range of investment banking and strategic advisory services to domestic and international clients, and is a leading global mid-market investment banking advisor.


As the leading mid-market M&A advisor in Europe, transacting more deals per year than any competitor, the KPMG CF team knew it was important to utilize a technology tailored specifically to the needs of M&A processes — technology that would centralize and democratize institutional knowledge, enabling all colleagues to leverage those insights and further increase market share. When it came time to evaluate options, those needs led them to choose DealCloud.


Below, we offer an in-depth case study that showcases how KPMG Corporate Finance in the U.K. more efficiently managed its pipeline and deal flow by leveraging DealCloud’s technology.


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Olivia Simons

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