3 Ways Real Estate Investor Software Improves Business


The speed at which technology helps professionals collect and analyze data has created a huge transformation, leading to an important inflection point where commercial real estate (CRE) investors can make investment decisions using real-time data. However, according to a 2020 SEI/Preqin Future of Real Estate Survey, the CRE industry, in particular, is one of the last industries to fully embrace technology. If CRE investors don’t embrace investment management software for real estate, they’ll find themselves at a competitive disadvantage.

Real estate investor software — like DealCloud — empowers real estate investors to harness the cumulative intellectual capital of their people and processes. With DealCloud’s cloud-based platform, real estate investors get a single source of truth to help them easily manage relationships, execute deals, and seamlessly connect with external solutions and third-party data providers.


Real Estate Investor Software Improves Deal Flow Management

DealCloud’s real estate investment management software is designed to handle the nuances of the CRE industry and CRE investment — which often include complicated webs of interconnected relationships, deals, properties, and other variables. Real estate investors can use DealCloud to get a 360-degree view of their pipelines at all times and stay up to date on all deal activity. Using DealCloud’s firm pipeline dashboard (below), dealmakers can also view their deal funnel across the firm in real time, as well as track, report, and gather insights on their real estate pipelines in ways never before possible.

Today’s most successful real estate investors rely on reports and data analytics to inform their decision-making and strategy development. With transactions constantly evolving, real estate investors benefit from real-time reports that help them zero in on the most time-sensitive and high-priority items. With DealCloud real estate investor software, users can generate detailed pipeline reports (below) with a click of a button.

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Real Estate Investor Software Optimizes CRM Capabilities

Because DealCloud’s real estate investment management software comes equipped with traditional CRM capabilities, dealmakers can track and manage their deal flow in the same place they manage relationships with individuals and other firms. With DealCloud’s purpose-built and flexible technology layer, gathering insights across these seemingly disparate data sets is easy to learn and adopt into the CRE investor’s daily workflow.

When leveraging investment management software for real estate, it’s important to know CRE best practices, including managing the deal pipeline, relationships with brokers, contractors, and developers, and maintaining coverage of assets, industries, and strategies across geographies. Real estate firms need best-in-class real estate investor software at their fingertips to ensure they are successfully following best practices.


Using the relationship management features in DealCloud, real estate investors can view and store all broker relationship data, allowing them to better understand and address any issues that may arise.

Compliance Becomes Easier with Better Real Estate Investor Software

Today’s mounting market forces place escalating demands on real estate investors to transform the ways they operate. They must comply with evolving, ever-stricter regulatory rules, increasing demands, and pressures to continually increase the efficiency of their operations. In response to these demands, CRE firms leverage the DealCloud suite of compliance solutions to streamline the identification and management of conflicts of interest at all stages of a deal and to manage confidential information.
With DealCloud’s conflicts management solution, CRE investors accelerate conflicts review and resolution by streamlining critical risk-management activities within a unified deal, relationship, and compliance management platform.


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