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Prior to partnering with DealCloud, Boyne Capital worked with a local service provider to configure its
generic CRM platform. At the time, the Boyne Capital team was unable to complete configuration of
their system and all changes had to be made by their CRM vendor. This roadblock meant that Boyne
Capital leveraged its CRM system solely as a deal-tracking database. After investing time and energy
into retrofitting a generic system that only marginally fit the firm’s needs, it became clear to the Boyne
Capital team that a purpose-built, industry-specific technology would provide additional value across
the organization as a management tool. This led them to implement DealCloud’s software, which is
purpose-built for private equity firms like Boyne Capital.


Below, we offer an in-depth case study that showcases how Boyne Capital increased transparency and efficiency and streamlined day-to-day tasks leveraging DealCloud’s technology.


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