DealCloud Differentiators: Report scheduling, dashboards, and push-button tear sheets

Easily create accurate, role-based reports with these 3 key DealCloud features


DealCloud unifies data analytics for capital markets firms with fully interactive reporting on their most important metrics — then makes it all accessible, anywhere, any time. With dealmakers frequently on the road and in meetings, mobile-accessible data is essential.

Every user’s reporting needs are unique, depending on their role and level of experience, which is why DealCloud was purpose-built to tailor outputs on a user-by-user basis. Role-based reports, dashboards, charts, graphs, and tear sheets can all be customized to meet each user’s needs, at their preferred cadence.


What are scheduled reports?

DealCloud’s Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel add-ins let dealmakers create and distribute customized, role-based reports —including the ability to schedule automatic distribution at a set day and time to a defined list of recipients. With this functionality, professionals can select in advance who should receive a specific report and when.

With the ability to schedule reports, no one has to remember or find time to manually share firm updates every week. Analysts and associates no longer need to spend hours the night before a big meeting formatting, populating, and updating reports — and when the reports are sent out, they’ll include your most recent data, ensuring the firm is synced on the latest updates.


Above is an example of a pipeline report generated by DealCloud. 


Key benefits

  1. Save time and be more prepared by creating templated reports that can be refreshed instantly, without spending hours manually updating data.
  2. Provide a single source of truth with live updates that sync directly to all access points and generated reports.


What are dashboards?

Dashboards are pre-filtered, customized views within the DealCloud platform that make it simple and easy to consume data from within the web portal or mobile app. Within a dashboard, relevant information is automatically surfaced based on predetermined filters to show a meaningful data set that requires little maintenance or manual input. For example, for business units focused on multiple sectors, dashboards can display charts, graphs, and data grids to compare activity levels among the various industries they track.

Dashboards have a significant impact on how users absorb data, which is why DealCloud dashboards give your firm’s professionals tailored, holistic views into their pipelines and activities. Firms have the option to fully customize which information gets displayed, how much detail is shared, and what the layout looks like, while users can organize their dashboards into customized categories, and restrict them to certain users based on specific criteria.


Above is an example of a deal pipeline dashboard within DealCloud. 


Key benefits

  1. Zoom in on the exact information you need with DealCloud’s Interactive interface that lets you filter data from your dashboard.
  2. Save time with in-dashboard editing — so you can update data straight from your dashboard, without having to go to a different tab to make changes.
  3. Strengthen your firm’s relationships with personal user dashboards that measure the health of relationships within each individual’s network — and offer timely insights into which ones need extra attention.


What are push-button tear sheets?

Push-button tear sheets are preformatted report templates, included with the DealCloud platform, that users can create for contacts, companies, and deals via the Microsoft Word add-in. The tear sheets offer detailed, high-priority data surrounding an entity, and once created, they can be generated from the web platform, the mobile app, or within Microsoft Word with the click of a button. The output will be a PDF or .docx file populated with the most up-to-date DealCloud data.


Above is an example of a push-button tear sheet created in DealCloud.


Key benefits

  • Help your dealmakers prepare quickly for critical meetings by providing on-the-go access to the latest data — ensuring they can easily generate tear sheets and custom reports via the mobile app, web platform, or Microsoft Word.
  • Effortlessly access high-value data in seconds, thanks to DealCloud’s Microsoft Word add-in that lets your users zoom in on specific fields and highlight key information.
  • Promote firmwide data sharing and informed decision making with clean, easily consumable reports that can be shared in seconds, ensuring visibility across the board.


Easily create accurate, role-based reports — anytime, anywhere

To create successful pipeline strategies and make timely, data-informed decisions, your professionals need accurate, up-to-date information that gives them deeper insights into their business. In today’s world, that information also needs to be quickly and easily accessible — and that means mobile. Since it’s easy for dealmakers to lose touch with their office-based teams when traveling, helping them stay connected can boost their productivity and success.

DealCloud’s flexible reporting engine provides an interactive experience that helps them access information valued most from anywhere at any time. Explore DealCloud’s reporting tools for yourself and schedule a demo today.


Megan Francisco

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