DealCloud Differentiators: Relationship intelligence, data quality automation, and contact and activity capture

Improve relationship discovery and cultivation with these 3 key DealCloud capabilities

Expanding market coverage and maintaining quality relationships are critical for successful investment outcomes. However, many investment firms lack the time and tools required to take on the burdensome tasks of maintaining and capitalizing on valuable relationship data.


By introducing a fully integrated suite of tech-savvy relationship management features, DealCloud clients have access to a set of tools dedicated to improving relationship discovery and cultivation. DealCloud’s relationship management solution leverages automated data capture and intelligence reporting to integrate high-quality relationship data alongside enterprise pipeline and deal lifecycle solutions. The relationship management suite helps your team capture and leverage insightful relationship data so they can focus on building business and closing deals.


What are signature scraping and data quality automation?

DealCloud’s signature scraping functionality supports the easy creation and maintenance of contact profiles. The signature collection tool automatically captures contact signatures to add new contacts to your book with signature-provided data such as employer, phone number, and job existing profiles as contacts change roles, titles, and companies.


With data quality automation, firms can perform quality assurance checks over the relationship data that synchronizes into the platform by setting custom controls to determine which records synchronize automatically — and which records require additional review before integration. Records that have been flagged by the control setting can be reviewed, edited, and updated by appropriate users through easily configurable reports and data grids.


How it works:

  1. Set filter criteria to determine what types of contacts should be automatically synchronized to DealCloud.
  2. The Microsoft Exchange connection harvests email signatures found in .
    1. New contacts that meet the filter criteria are automatically added to your DealCloud Contact database alongside additional relevant details.
    2. Existing contact data is updated based on identified changes.
  3. Contacts that do not meet the filter criteria are flagged as “pending” and pushed into the data quality automation site area.
  4. Specified DealCloud users review the data quality site area as needed and edit and add contacts in bulk.


Above is an example of contact information within DealCloud that was automatically pulled using the signature scraping functionality. 


Key benefits

  • Simplify data capture and review processes with automated data ingestion.
  • Boost user adoption by institutionalizing important relationship data — without time-consuming data entry.
  • Ensure data quality with automatic profile updates when contact roles, job titles, and companies change.
  • Feel confident in data security and quality with to the ability to filter out sensitive or irrelevant profiles.


What is automated activity capture?

To promote team collaboration and support firm ingestion of activity insights, DealCloud’s activity capture feature automatically synchronizes email and event details alongside associated relationships in DealCloud. Each activity is ingested alongside important meta data to include details related to attendees, date and time of activity, and attachments.


With the automated activity capture feature, platform administrators can set specific criteria for the types of communications that are synchronized into the platform — ensuring that your firm is institutionalizing important communications while also optimizing the quality of your data set and adhering to security requirements.


Key benefits

  • Reduce administrative burden by removing the need to manually synchronize email and event communications.
  • Institutionalize important insights with the ability to pull the communication body, attachments, and attendees.
  • Better approach outreach efforts by easily accessing details and outcomes associated with last activity dates.
  • Ensure data ingestion remains relevant and secure with the ability to filter out private or unimportant communications.


What is relationship intelligence?

DealCloud relationship intelligence passively harvests metadata from Microsoft Exchange email and event communication to score relationships and determine who knows whom and how well. Each relationship is scored based on your firm’s predetermined relationship scoring algorithm. Scoring criteria is managed by platform administrators to allow firms to gauge relationship quality based on their preferred method of communication and the importance applied to different communication channels.


DealCloud’s intelligence reporting capabilities offer an array of insights to effectively leverage relationship scores so users can capitalize on their firm’s relationship intelligence.

  • Historical level reporting offers relationship owners and colleagues the ability to identify trends and spot cooling relationships.
  • Network maps allow users to visualize colleague relationship strength across industries, regions, and other strategy types.
  • Aggregated relationship scores determine relationship strength — not only at the colleague-to-contact level, but at the colleague-to-company and firm-to-company levels.


Above is an example of DealCloud’s relationship intelligence solution in action, showcasing relationship owners, automated relationship scoring, and  a firm-wide network map.


Key benefits

  • Facilitate meaningful introductions by easily determining which colleagues hold strong relationships with your target network.
  • Prevent overlapping outreach efforts by automatically capturing last activity dates.
  • Reduce key-person risk by easily identifying at-risk relationships when employees are preparing to leave the firm.
  • Build meaningful outreach programs by understanding historical trends and network maps across coverage groups.
  • Make relationship scores meaningful with the ability to build a unique algorithm based on your firm’s communication style.


Improve relationship discovery and cultivation

No matter the size or strategy of your firm, we know that maintaining strong relationships is critical to your success. We also know that capturing the valuable data you need to improve your relationship coverage is time-consuming. DealCloud’s relationship management solution is aimed at alleviating this burden.

Learn more about how to save time with DealCloud’s relationship intelligence and zero-data entry solutions: schedule a demo today.



Megan Francisco

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