DealCloud Differentiators: Dispatch and Dispatch Pages

Manage and track your business outreach and harness the power of your capital markets firm’s marketing data


To compete successfully in today’s financial services industry, dealmakers need robust, integrated, industry-savvy marketing automation software to help them manage and track their business outreach. Designed just for capital markets firms, DealCloud offers two powerful products — Dispatch and Dispatch Pages — to help your professionals market and expand on their new and current relationships with high-quality content creation and detailed performance tracking.


What is DealCloud Dispatch?

DealCloud Dispatch is a purpose-built, add-on DealCloud solution that lets your marketing and business development team create, schedule, deploy, and track custom communications, including deal announcements, press releases, newsletters, and industry coverage and analysis. Additionally, DealCloud Dispatch helps centralize all your business development and marketing activities by automatically populating your DealCloud platform with related performance and engagement metrics. Together, these data points create a single source of truth for all your relationship intelligence, offering a more complete and transparent view of every deal and relationship.


Key benefits

  • Gain a competitive edge in a crowded market: Leverage your performance metrics in DealCloud to better tailor your communications and improve engagement with your prospects and leads.
  • Improve data integrity: Bouncebacks and invalid email addresses are automatically recorded in DealCloud and excluded from future campaigns, so your contact data stays clean and up to date.
  • Keep everyone on the same page with centralized information: Rather than using a separate location to store data that only the marketing team can access, all DealCloud users can view campaign analytics to make informed decisions in real-time.


 A DealCloud marketing dashboard displaying integrated campaign data.


What are Dispatch Pages?

With Dispatch Pages, users can create custom content landing pages and web forms to promote their content and support lead generation. Engagement metrics and contact data will automatically populate in DealCloud, giving stakeholders real-time views into how their Dispatch communications are performing with their audiences. Dispatch Pages streamlines the way firms can gather and distribute information into DealCloud, creating a level of connectivity that’s an invaluable asset for busy firms.

Firms can use these unique landing pages and web forms to:

  • Organize upcoming events
  • Manage business development opportunities
  • Drive attention to a new strategy or solution
  • Run a marketing campaign or initiative
  • Initiate contact with an interested investor

A common use case: A private equity firm uses Dispatch and Dispatch Pages to organize their annual sales conference. The meeting organizer first uses Dispatch to send an email invitation to the conference’s target audience. When recipients click the email’s call to action button, they’re directed to a Dispatch Pages landing page, where they can register for the event. The open rate, RSVPs, and other related metrics will automatically populate in DealCloud, displayed in dashboards that give all stakeholders at the firm confirmed, real-time attendance numbers to be leveraged for optimal event planning.


Key benefits

  • Efficiently harness your engagement, lead, and submission data to inform your campaigns, events, and other relationships — replacing manual spreadsheet entry with automated lead capture, RSVP and response recording, and real-time tracking.
  • Improve firmwide decision making with easy-to-understand performance metrics and related insights.
  • Increase transparency by providing real-time access to marketing data for all interested stakeholders — not just the marketing and business development teams.


A DealCloud dashboard view showing the performance metrics of an email announcement created and deployed via Dispatch.


Maximize your marketing content and related data

Dispatch and Dispatch Pages simplify the design and launch of marketing content, enabling capital markets firms to get the most out of their marketing initiatives and data — as well as seamlessly integrate the related data with campaigns, events, and relationships already in motion within the platform. With Dispatch, marketing data lives in DealCloud alongside deals, fundraising, and relationship management, making it easy to show which contacts engaged with a campaign.

Dispatch helps firms to get more out of their marketing efforts by incorporating marketing data into their existing day-to-day workflows while quantifying the impact that marketing content has.


To learn more about how Dispatch can add value to your firm, schedule a demo.



Megan Francisco

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