Preqin and DealCloud: 3 data management use cases


To move quickly, stay organized, and keep ahead of the competition, today’s firms require a well-connected technology ecosystem. Critically, the most successful firms aren’t just using their technology platforms to house pipeline and relationship information anymore. They’re now using industry-specific platforms that let them access real-time, actionable data to make smarter decisions and drive growth.


With DealCloud’s DataCortex solution, users can access third-party data sets directly within the DealCloud platform to augment their firm’s unique and proprietary data. For example, Preqin, a research solution dedicated to investor relations (IR) and private capital markets industry insights, surfaces actionable intelligence to IR teams by integrating with DealCloud.


Here, we’ll share three data management use cases for the DealCloud and Preqin integration, address the unique challenges dealmakers face when managing data, and reveal how your firm can overcome these challenges and achieve success by leveraging DealCloud’s data management platform.


Unify your data sources

To inform key decisions when time is of the essence, dealmakers need be able to quickly and easily leverage both proprietary and third-party data.


Through the DealCloud and Preqin integration, users can populate their DealCloud platform with Preqin’s curated investor profiles, investment criteria and allocations, firm information, and up-to-date contact details. Users gain access to a single database that houses both owned and outsourced data — a powerful combination that lets firms move quickly on deals and better manage their relationships.


Leveraging Preqin data within the DealCloud platform creates a unified deal, fundraising, and data management hub for everyone at your firm — so no matter what part of the investment lifecycle you focus on, you easily access real-time data for actionable insights.


Enhancing your technology ecosystem with Preqin’s data saves valuable manual effort, since your firm’s professionals won’t have to waste time switching between platforms anymore. Instead, they can focus on uncovering intelligent insights into target markets and identifying the best industry participants to work with.


Develop customer insight reports and personas

The fast-changing market can make it hard for firms to track and access up-to-date data. That’s a big problem, since disjointed or low-quality information can lead to errors and missed opportunities, which dealmakers can’t afford.


Today’s most successful firms rely on DealCloud to inform their decision-making and strategy development. Since opportunities are constantly evolving, dealmakers need real-time data that helps them identify the most time-sensitive targets. DealCloud’s data management platform unifies data, systems, and people with fully interactive reporting on your most important metrics that are accessible anywhere, at any time.


Leveraging the powerful combination of DealCloud’s DataCortex data management platform and Preqin data, firms can more easily discover investors who are a perfect fit for each fund based on their unique preferences and restrictions. Firms can also seamlessly track the evolution of these relationships with DealCloud’s pipeline and relationship management technology.


Preqin’s extensive and global research operation uncovers hidden opportunities and enables firms to make more confident IR and fundraising decisions. Combined with DealCloud’s tools for pipeline management and relationship management as well as DealCloud’s fully integrated marketing suite, dealmakers can maintain visibility on the market and outperform their competition.


Supercharge your relationship management

With competition fiercer than ever, it’s critically important for firms to keep their strategies close and their relationships closer. Due to the increasingly complex nature of these relationships, spreadsheets and outdated CRMs are no longer sufficient.


DealCloud’s relationship management suite centralizes communication data and helps firms transform average day-to-day activities into actionable relationship intelligence. Financial services professionals gain a single source of truth to help them manage relationships, execute deals, and easily connect with external solutions and third-party data providers such as Preqin.


By integrating Preqin data into DealCloud via the DataCortex data management platform, users can easily search for a firm name, find it in Preqin, and then match that company and its contacts to their own proprietary record for that same firm, providing an easy way to validate data in seconds. A full list of contacts or companies can be matched and linked in bulk, making routine data cleansing seamless and less time-consuming.


DealCloud’s data management platform provides dealmakers with a real-time view of their proprietary data alongside Preqin’s investor data, seamlessly connecting what would otherwise be two disparate resources.


DealCloud DataCortex powered by Preqin is the modern solution you need to work smarter

No matter what part of the investment lifecycle you focus on, integrating Preqin into your DealCloud platform is the modern solution your firm needs to promote efficiency. By combining your propriety and third-party data, you allow your firm to achieve more efficient deal execution, increased industry coverage, and better company, advisor, sponsor, and limited partner (LP) coverage.


DealCloud’s data management platform is fit for the complex relationship and transaction structures for every firm’s unique needs. To learn more and see the tool in action, schedule a demo.


Olivia Simons

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