Briarcliffe Credit Partners: How DealCloud’s mobile app helps placement agents stay connected


Firms that embrace business travel have a huge advantage over competitors that rely on virtual meetings for gaining new business. By investing significant time and effort in face-to-face meetings, conferences, and other in-person networking, placement agents are more likely to cultivate new business and nurture existing client relationships.


However, being constantly on the go during business travel also presents challenges, such as connectivity issues and communication breakdowns. That’s why the sales team at Briarcliffe Credit Partners depends on DealCloud’s mobile app when traveling.


By harnessing DealCloud’s advanced mobile app technology, Briarcliffe remains seamlessly connected 24-7, regardless of their location. Maintaining peak efficiency at all times ensures they can focus on building and nurturing vital business relationships while still staying ahead of the competition.


Be prepared for meetings

Meeting with a client without being adequately prepared is unprofessional and can lead to uncomfortable conversations, strained relationships, and even lost deals. To address this challenge, DealCloud’s mobile app serves as a comprehensive point of reference, providing placement agents access to their firm’s comprehensive data, so they can arrive to meetings with that knowledge in hand.


Placement agents can also leverage DealCloud’s valuable insights into previous interactions with the contacts or companies they are about to meet. With up-to-the-minute information at their fingertips, placement agents will no longer waste a contact’s time appearing disconnected or not up to speed on their business. This newfound productivity ensures dealmakers make a lasting impression during these meetings and uphold your firm’s reputation.


Jess Larsen, Founder and CEO of Briarcliffe, says that the DealCloud mobile app allows his salespeople on the road to “see the latest notes, see previous and historic conversations, [and] find contact details.” Rather than relying on their office-based team members to send them details, Briarcliffe’s salespeople can simply access real-time information via the mobile app when attending off-site meetings.


With this valuable tool at their disposal, your team can approach each client interaction with confidence, strengthening professional connections and ensuring successful outcomes.



Stay connected with key players

Staying connected and sharing updates with team members, clients, prospects, and other key players can be challenging for dealmakers who are constantly traveling. Even with an exceptional memory, it’s nearly impossible to remember every single detail discussed in a meeting — and it’s just as difficult trying to share all those details with your firm.


DealCloud’s mobile app allows placement agents to document meeting notes directly from their phones, ensuring that crucial information is never forgotten or lost. Larsen shared: “[After] having a meeting, [our placement agents] quickly make updates via the mobile app … and it goes straight into our DealCloud system.” Other team members can then quickly access that information and move the project forward, thereby improving the firm’s productivity.


Additionally, the DealCloud mobile app makes adding a new contact’s information almost effortless. Professionals can scan business cards directly into DealCloud using the in-app business scanner equipped with optical character recognition (OCR). Once the contact is added, this feature also retrieves information from DealCloud about that individual or firm so that your agent can learn about any actionable data right away.


With DealCloud’s mobile app, placement agents can consistently propel business forward even while traveling. And, at the home office, team members gain access to accurate and up-to-date information in real time, enhancing the firm’s overall efficiency and effectiveness.


Remain current with up-to-date information

Placement agents know that business doesn’t pause if they’re out of the office. They need to maintain a high level of productivity even during a business trip.


Dealmakers often receive calls while on the road and require a swift update on the status of a deal. They may also seek insights into the firm’s interactions with a specific contact or company. Through DealCloud’s mobile app, agents can make timely, data-informed decisions at a moment’s notice, ensuring they remain responsive and agile at all times. They can also track deals across the pipeline by accessing reports and viewing dashboards directly from their phones.


Equipped with real-time information from DealCloud’s mobile app, placement agents gain a competitive advantage, even while they’re on the move.


Choose an on-the-go solution

In today’s fast-paced world, placement agents must always have quick and easy access to information so they can gain deeper insight into their business. Although professionals often face challenges juggling their busy travel schedules and staying connected with their office-based teams, DealCloud’s mobile app can greatly help.


The DealCloud mobile app empowers placement agents to enhance productivity and achieve greater success, all from a cloud-based mobile device. With this app, Briarcliffe Credit Partners has streamlined the life of its traveling placement agents.


“[DealCloud’s] mobile app really allows us to have all the information at our fingertips,” said Larsen. “And that makes a very big difference [in terms of] the efficiency of our salespeople and the firm [as a whole].”


Improve your firm’s communications and productivity by scheduling a demo of DealCloud’s mobile app today.


Hunter Lamb

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