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Growth equity firms need strong relationship management practices, efficient capital deployments, and finely tuned investment themes in order to compete in today’s competitive deal landscape. Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and generic CRM platforms can’t effectively support growth equity firms because they were built to support a different business model — a model that doesn’t take nuanced strategy into account.


DealCloud provides growth equity investors with industry – leading capabilities for sourcing, deal management, fundraising, and investor relations. No matter the size of your firm or the specificity of your investment mandate, the platform can be easily configured to align with your current business development and deal tracking processes.


The development and rise of vertical-specific CRMs, like DealCloud, has made it easier for growth equity firms to keep all their contacts, activities, and other critical information in one place. But DealCloud is more than just CRM. Equipped with transaction workflow capabilities and team collaboration functionalities, DealCloud’s growth equity CRM offers a state-of-the-art deal and relationship management system for growth equity investors.


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From strategy to execution

DealCloud’s data-powered growth equity CRM is specifically designed for growth equity firms, giving growth equity investors the power to execute deals at the highest levels. No matter the size of your firm or the specificity of your investment mandate, our software can be easily configured to align with your current business development and portfolio management processes.


Growth equity firms need to maintain visibility into developments in their target industries and regions, and keep track of emerging trends.


That’s why they leverage DealCloud to more effectively deploy capital and execute on their strategies and initiatives, including:


  • Private company monitoring
  • Business development
  • Relationship management
  • Intermediary coverage
  • Deal and pipeline visibility
  • Fundraising and investor relations

Growth equity CRM software features and solutions

Growth equity firms, no matter the size, need the ability to manage relationships, transactions, processes, workflows, and the operations and compliance of the overall firm. Our software allows growth equity firms to keep track of every relationship by allowing dealmakers to categorize, tag, organize, and report on their relationship data (companies, contacts, deals, etc.) in any way that they choose. Put simply, the growth equity CRM adapts to the unique ways each growth equity firm works. And because the tagging and reporting capabilities are so flexible, these firms are able to track their progress towards goals such as fundraising, capital deployment, and dealmaker productivity. DealCloud’s private equity CRM tools enable growth equity firms to source deals more effectively.

Solution overview:


With the increasingly complex nature of relationships in the capital markets, Rolodexes, spreadsheets, and industry-agnostic CRMs are no longer the best tool for the job. DealCloud’s industry-specific platform centralizes communication and relationship data and helps growth equity professionals transform day-to-day activities into actionable relationship intelligence.

Business development

In order to succeed, credit and leveraged finance investors must embrace the role of technology in drumming up new opportunities. DealCloud’s credit and leveraged finance software provides business development professionals with all the tools they need.

Pipeline management

DealCloud’s vertical-specific technology was designed to handle the nuances of complex transactions with many participants. Our leveraged finance software helps firms transform the way they approach, track, and accelerate deals as they move through every stage in the pipeline, from origination to execution.

Actionable data

Credit and leveraged finance professionals need to maintain visibility on every corner of the market in order to compete. That’s why we created DataCortex, an integrated data solution that allows dealmakers to manage proprietary and third–party data in one unified platform, empowering them to transform that data into institutional knowledge.


DealCloud’s software enables lenders and credit advisors to accelerate conflict resolution by streamlining critical risk-management activities within a unified deal, relationship, and compliance management platform. Gain visibility into increasingly complex and demanding deal terms by centralizing, streamlining, and indexing transaction-related and other documents.

Reporting and analytics

DealCloud’s growth equity CRM unifies data, systems, and people with fully interactive reporting on your most important metrics, accessible anywhere, at any time. Since DealCloud was designed with the busy dealmaker in mind, every dashboard, chart, graph, tearsheet, data sheet, and profile can be customized to meet each user’s preferences and interests.

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Ready for a CRM that is purpose-built for growth equity?


Despite careful consideration and planning, most capital markets firms struggle to implement a CRM solution in a way that serves the firm’s needs. Many firms store vital data in unorganized or unoptimized systems. In fact, countless deal professionals find themselves wasting time on manual data entry or repetitive pipeline updates as they happen.

If this sounds familiar, it may be time to reconsider your current CRM selection and pipeline management process.

The good news is, you’re not alone. With countless CRM migrations under our belt, we have the expertise to craft a strategy for optimizing your CRM using just a few pieces of information about your firm’s size, data, reporting needs, and workflow.


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  • Increase market coverage
  • Enhance likelihood of a closed deal
  • Improve pipeline visibility

  • Heighten transparency across team members
  • Streamline business development activity management
  • Enjoy more efficient due diligence

DealCloud differentiators

Unlike other growth equity CRMs and software platforms, DealCloud was built by private equity investors, for private equity investors. Our technology centralizes unorganized data and transforms it into meaningful intelligence with easy-to-read, interactive dashboards and automated reports. Users can elect to receive notifications and automated reports with predictive insights via email, web, and mobile. Notifications can be scheduled, such as weekly pipeline reports, or triggered by certain activities within the platform, such as the creation of a new deal or logged note.


Since our platform was built by industry experts, we know that not all growth equity firms operate in the same way. The pipeline, relationship management, and reporting needs of one user, team, division, or company may differ greatly from the next. That’s why our users have the power and precise control to tailor DealCloud on a user by user basis so that every individual has the tools and the views in front of them necessary to facilitate the flow of information intuitively, simply, and with the right levels of access.

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There are a great many technological advances to be admired in the past several decades, but purpose-built technologies like DealCloud are on the rise because they are uniquely suited for capital markets professionals. When leveraged properly, our private equity CRM solutions enable professionals to get the job done right, more quickly, and with greater ease.


It’s time for growth equity investors to accept the complexities of the industry and choose to leverage only those technologies that are squarely focused on helping move the needle. Schedule a demo of our growth equity CRM, today.


“We leverage DealCloud’s data solutions to see who is attending various trade shows and conferences, and to set up meetings while we’re there. It’s helped us increase our efficiency, meet more people, and deepen our relationships.”

Phil Olson

“DealCloud offered us the ability to move to a cloud-based platform and to map complex relationships and deliver on a broad set of highly specific needs for Dubin Clark. Leveraging their deep private equity experience, DealCloud’s implementation team was able to capture, migrate and map our rich historical data, and customize the platform around our needs. The quick implementation from DealCloud allowed us to stay focused on deal execution.”

Mike Hompesch

“We knew how we wanted our firm to operate and DealCloud was tremendous in configuring their technology to coincide with that vision. The knowledge of their implementation team and flexibility of the platform allowed us to quickly implement a proprietary system.”

Chris Jones

“Coming from a traditional CRM, it is refreshing to use a technology designed specifically for private equity professionals and that is further tailored by a knowledgeable team that understands our sector and investment process. DealCloud enables us to further leverage our deep network and enhances our ability to source and execute proprietary transactions.”

Stephen Kretz

“DealCloud has allowed us to set up processes which track the success of our deals in a coherent way of both buy-side and sell-side. We have been able to streamline our outreach while setting up appropriate notifications allowing the team to work in an even more efficient manner.”

Bryan Berent

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