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Our clients leverage DealCloud every day, but our platform is certainly not the only technology they use. By building and enabling application programming interfaces (APIs) and other integrations between DealCloud and other systems, we empower our clients to work more effectively across business systems, technologies, and solutions.

These areas include HR systems, Portfolio monitoring tools, Event management software, Alternative CRM platforms, Communication systems, Data rooms, and much, much more.


Leading financial services firms use DealCloud as their deal lifecycle hub and system of record for firmwide deal and client data. By enabling integrations between DealCloud and the firm’s wide range of day-to-day business systems, your firm can work more effectively across systems, technologies, and solutions.  

Intapp Managed Integration Service addresses a wide range of integration scenarios between DealCloud and other solutions, including HR systems, portfolio monitoring tools, identity management systems, document management systems, data rooms, LP portals, and other business applications. Intapp Managed Integration Service automates deal processes, securely provisions and decommissions users, streamlines communication between systems and cross-solution updates, provides relevant third-party data to the deal-making interface, and reduces the burden of multisystem data entry. 

As a fully managed service, Intapp Managed Integration Service provides access to a skilled team that will develop, test, deploy, maintain, and proactively monitor solutions according to your firm’s needs and requirements, ensuring ongoing reliability and performance at no additional cost. 

Key benefits of the Intapp Managed Integration Service

Intapp Managed Integration Service provides turnkey integration between the DealCloud platform and your firm’s other software applications and systems. The service combines market-leading Intapp integration technology with expert advice, best-practices processes, and ongoing support to provide a complete data integration solution. 

Leverage the power of:

  • Standardized integration packs that provide out-of-the-box integrations to Box, Microsoft SharePoint, Azure AD, iLevel, Workday, and other key business systems. 
  • Cloud-native platform that eliminates massive capital costs of maintaining on-premises software and ensures all users benefit from the latest features and functionality. 
  • Deal task automation that streamlines communication between systems and establishes ways to meet compliance standards. 
  • Predictable and transparent pricing that includes license and hosting costs as well as proactive monitoring to identify and resolve issues quickly and effectively.


Sample integrations

Document management systems

Automatically create and synchronize subfolders and file content in near real-time and dynamically display file information and links natively within DealCloud.

Portfolio management systems

Create asset records automatically in portfolio monitoring platforms when a deal reaches a certain stage in DealCloud. Leverage investment and cash-flow data from portfolio monitoring within DealCloud.

Data rooms and LP portals

Enable data such as regulatory reporting, investor reporting, fundraising, loan syndications, NPL/RPL sales, and other business-critical events can flow to and from DealCloud.

Accounting systems

Share accounting data, critical information relating to complex fund allocations, payments, invoices, bills, payroll, and information relating to bookkeeping to or from DealCloud based on your firm’s unique preferences.

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