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For some time now, the financial services industry has been booming. Firms have achieved record fundraising levels, expanded investment strategies, become more global in nature, and grown in size. While much of that growth has been prompted by the success of people, technology has also played a large role in helping the overall firm to succeed. In an effort to maintain a competitive posture in this environment, hundreds of firms have relied on DealCloud’s financial services CRM (customer relationship management) solution.


Many clients choose DealCloud because our platform and implementation process was built specifically for financial services firms who have regulatory, compliance, and fiduciary responsibilities and standards to adhere to. When you become a DealCloud client, you gain access to our technology, our experts, and the combined knowledge of our entire client base. We support our users with in-depth tutorials, on-demand help, hours of training materials, as well as platform certifications. These benefits and features ensure that every firm undergoes a thoughtful and impactful data migration and implementation process that sets them up for success. With deep knowledge of the unique complexities of transaction and relationship structures, our team is uniquely suited to support technology transformation programs and CRM implementation projects for financial services firms.


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Our solution offers more than relationship management

To put it simply, our solution is not just a CRM. The DealCloud technology empowers financial services firms to harness the cumulative intellectual capital of their people and processes. With the DealCloud platform, firms of all shapes and sizes get a single source of truth to help manage relationships, execute deals, and easily connect with external solutions and third-party data providers. Our CRM is the start to a more managed, organized, and empowered financial services firm.

Solution overview

Streamlined relationship tiering

Tiering has proven to be successful because it quickly describes the relationship with another contact or firm, and it helps teams to more quickly grasp the overall value (or potential value) that entity has. Since each firm and each investment mandate is unique, DealCloud’s technology allows financial services firms to architect a tiering strategy within their CRM that fits their unique needs and organizational structure.

Full historical view of communication

Over time and with every transaction, firms gain greater awareness of their own strengths and weaknesses — as well as those of their competition. All of the communications and data your financial services firm needs should be centrally housed and accessible to everyone through an industry-specific CRM like DealCloud.

Flexible relationship ownership

Enforce accountability and reward task and relationship ownership with DealCloud’s flexible tagging capabilities. Firms are able to ensure proper coverage of deals, people, and opportunities through an intelligent tagging layer designed for complex financial services firms.

One-click tear sheet downloads

Rather than lock you into a single type of reporting, DealCloud’s technology allows financial services firms to run complex reports either from our web platform, or through our Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook add-ins. Our tear sheet technology was designed to reduce administrative burden and allows professionals to pre-format and schedule reports to be run so you don’t have to.

Increased relationship intelligence

Our customer relationship management technology, supported by a combination of industry-leading and proprietary data, can power your financial services firm’s relationship management efforts behind the scenes — so investors can stay focused on closing deals.

Fully configurable permissions

DealCloud users have the power and precise control to tailor their CRM on a user-by-user basis — giving every individual the intuitive tools and views they need, facilitating the flow of information, and granting the appropriate access levels to confidential data and other information pertaining to your financial services firm.

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How do financial services firms leverage CRM solutions like DealCloud?

Financial services firms rely on CRM systems for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, they need CRM tools to support and organize critical business development initiatives such as phone calls, emails, conferences and trade shows, meetings, etc. Given the ever-changing nature of the financial services market, relationships require attention and care. CRM platforms are purpose-built tools that support relationship management initiatives.

CRM tools also become the central repository for the data that exists at financial services firms. This makes it possible to have a single source of truth for all teams and individuals at a firm. Additionally, it allows firms to have greater reporting and data analysis capabilities.

CRM, when used by financial services firms, also fuels every transaction process. As a transaction moves from stage to stage, constantly inching closer to being a closed deal, there are countless documents, emails, phone calls, etc. being exchanged. CRM platforms centralize these key changes to the deal pipeline and make it easier to move quickly through transactional due diligence, management meetings, legal processes, etc.

The evolution of CRM tools

The role of financial services CRM tools has morphed over time. At first, it was used to track relationship management efforts, especially as firms began investing formally in their business development engines. Now, CRM platforms are leveraged for a wide range of complex and atypical use cases, ranging from managing due diligence to tracking bids to managing the deal pipeline.

No matter the forces at hand, managing deals will always be a complicated, time-intensive process. With competition fierce as ever and dry powder mounting, financial services firms are wise to learn more about the out-sized role CRMs can play in their organization.

Modern application of CRM solutions for financial services firms

It’s no secret that technological advances have made a huge impact on the way we work. In fact, a recent study by The Association for Financial Markets in Europe (AFME) found that 90% of people agree that the key skills required by the workforce of the future will be increasingly relationship-based and technology-enabled. For many private equity, investment banking, investor relations, and fundraising professionals that work in financial services, the relationship aspect of their job is easy—it’s the technology-enabled aspect that is the challenge.

That’s why the majority of firms that are active in the market today are using DealCloud CRM tools to power their day-to-day dealmaking activities, to keep the firm organized, to keep the individual dealmakers productive, and to be more successful as an organization.

When leveraged properly, purpose-built technologies like DealCloud’s CRM tool enables private equity, investment banking, investor relations, fundraising, and corporate development professionals to get the job done right.

Choose the best CRM for financial services

Financial services firms require technology solutions that are purpose-built and easily configured to meet the unique needs of their firm. That’s because no two capital markets firms are exactly the same.

CRM platforms that are flexible and can be easily configured to meet the changing needs of private equity, growth equity, venture capital, real estate, and credit investors, as well as highly acquisitive private and public companies, investment banks, and M&A advisory firms, are in high demand because of their unique ability to match the financial services business model.

No matter your organizational structure, strategy, mandate, or fund size, DealCloud’s financial services CRM solution creates a single source of truth for your firm’s institutional knowledge, documents, and key initiatives. Choose the best CRM for your financial services firm — choose DealCloud.

Who we serve

Designed for the complex needs of partner-driven capital markets firms, DealCloud offers vertical-specific solutions to help organizations drive growth, increase efficiency and profitability, manage risk and compliance, and deliver client success.

Our financial services clients

Market-leading financial services firms across the private equity, investment banking and advisory, fund of fund, family office, corporate development, venture capital, growth equity, real estate, lending, and LP verticals, rely on DealCloud to work more efficiently and competitively. From day one, we’ve worked closely with these firms to develop and deliver products and services that drive meaningful outcomes. Explore our client base across the financial services spectrum:

Private and growth equity

Investment banking

Corporate development

Venture capital

Real estate

Credit and leveraged finance

Merchant banks

Why is DealCloud the best-in-class CRM solution for the financial services market?

We know that generic and horizontally-built CRM platforms will never achieve investors’ desired outcome. Why? Underlying technology cannot be retrofitted to manage the complex relationships and deal structures of financial services firms. Our platform, built proprietarily on a flexible and multi-relational database model, provides a meaningful alternative to traditional CRMs and delivers unrivaled value to our clients.

From the beginning, we have understood the complexities of the financial services industry and have designed and innovated our product — as well as our user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) — to serve a vast number of asset classes. Put simply, our technology is without equal in the market and our implementations deliver unmatched outcomes and greater value, outpacing that of any competitive financial services CRM solution.

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