Deal-making and Data: How Capital Markets Firms are Automating and Optimizing Data for the Future

Dec 3, 2020

As deal professionals, grounded by the global pandemic, sit in their home offices combing through copious amounts of data in an effort to stir up activity, which of the leading third-party data providers are firms leveraging? How are leading firms incorporating that data into day-to-day dealmaking? Does that data, when incorporated into the firm’s reporting and dashboard capabilities, fuel more confident decision-making?

For too many firms, finding the answers to these questions has become overwhelming.

In a webinar hosted by Real Deals and DealCloud, DealCloud’s client development director Mark Coronato will lead a discussion with leading GPs, LPs, and advisers to find out more about the varying strategies being deployed at today’s best private equity, investment banking, credit, and real estate firms.

As the pace of digitalization continues to accelerate across the capital markets industry, the session will provide a unique and invaluable forum for sharing best practices, tips, and tricks, for making data more useful at your firm.

Discussion topics will include:
• The current data strategies followed by firms, the purpose data serves within firms, and how that definition has evolved?
• Whether firms and deal teams have experienced an increased reliance on data in the pandemic deal-making environment?
•The third-party data providers firms rely on and why?
• How firms think about and create data roadmaps and long-term data strategies?
• The training and change management processes firms have needed to run in order to get everyone using a firm’s data effectively?

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Richard Lee
Axel Wehtje
Chris Kindt
Mark Coronato
Client Development Director

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Dec 3, 2020

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