Get to Know DealCloud DataCortex: Saving Time and Fueling Efficiency with the Power of Data

Apr 23, 2020
12 - 1 PM

In order to be competitive in today’s modern deal-making landscape, capital markets professionals are orienting their key decision-making activity around a combination of both proprietary and third-party data. In light of this trend, DealCloud and FactSet have announced a partnership in which FactSet’s leading financial market data can be leveraged through DealCloud’s DataCortex product.

On this webinar, DealCloud’s Max Haskin (Head of Client Solutions) will be joined by FactSet’s Russell Roeber (Content and Technology Solutions Specialist) to discuss the partnership and actionable ways dealmakers can leverage FactSet’s data from within the DealCloud platform.

Whether you work in a private equity, investment banking, asset management, or another capital markets firm, there is an irrefutable reliance on data that is growing with every day, month, and year that goes by. By integrating FactSet’s data into DealCloud DataCortex, capital markets professionals are able to search and query FactSet’s data in real-time without ever leaving the DealCloud platform.

Throughout the session, the panelists will showcase ways that modern dealmakers can act more quickly and confidently through modern data verification methods, data visualization strategies, and expert reporting and analysis. They will also provide step-by-step instruction on ways to both save time and reduce the administrative burden associated with data entry (a pain point felt by all deal professionals globally).

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Max Haskin
Head of Client Solutions
Russell Roeber
Content and Technology Solutions Specialist

Time & Date

Apr 23, 2020
12 - 1 PM

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