DealCloud Implementation: The People, Procedures, and Plans You Need to Make Roll-Out a Success

Apr 2, 2020
12 - 1 PM

In a webinar hosted by DealCloud on April 2nd, 2020, Andrew D’Epagnier, Senior Director of Implementation Services, and Erin Guinan, SVP of Professional Services provided an overview of the implementation process that capital markets firms go through when becoming a DealCloud client. With experience completing implementations virtually, alongside cross-functional teams, and across multiple time zones, we have a tried-and-true playbook to share.

Investing in technology – no matter the size or strategy of a firm – can be a daunting task. Just as there’s a ton of pressure and stress involved in the final stages of closing a transaction, there’s typically a lot riding on the success (or failure) of an internal technology roll-out. With over 800 successful implementations under our belt, and with dozens of firms going live every day despite COVID-19 disruptions to “business as usual,” the team at DealCloud has compiled several best practices that lead to a successful implementation process.

In this webinar, Andrew and Erin review the “personalities” you’re sure to run into in the implementation process, the key people to have involved, the main procedures your firm should expect to undergo, as well as the challenges you can plan for.

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Andrew D’Epagnier
Sr. Director of Implementation Services
Erin Guinan
SVP of Professional Services

Time & Date

Apr 2, 2020
12 - 1 PM

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