Inside DealCloud: Best Practices for Managing Real Estate Transactions, Pipelines, and Properties

Dec 15, 2020

As the commercial real estate market continues to change rapidly, investment managers and operators are tasked with making sense of their data. When these professionals use technology that was built for a different business model, turning data into actionable insights becomes impossible.

In this webinar, DealCloud’s Amit Lalwani (SVP, Global Business Development) and Max Haskin (Head of Solutions) will provide an overview of the best practices real estate fund managers, operators, and REITs should follow when leveraging technology. From managing the pipeline of deals, to managing relationships with brokers, contractors and developers, to maintaining coverage of assets, industries, and strategies across geographies, real estate firms need best-in-class solutions at their fingertips. Learn more about DealCloud’s purpose-built solution and the roadmap of product enhancements planned specifically for the real estate sector.


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Amit Lalwani
SVP of Global Business Development
Max Haskin
Head of Client Solutions

Time & Date

Dec 15, 2020

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