Future-proofing your firm with the power of industry-specific tech

Productivity and efficiency gains haven’t come easily to some capital markets firms during the pandemic.

This year’s winners and losers will be decided by who can execute, and who is too slow to the punch.


Being a change agent within a capital markets firm is no small task. Ours is a fast-paced, competitive industry with high stakes — and it’s notoriously change-adverse.
If your firm needs a new CRM, someone has to lead the charge.

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While most of your competitors are still using decades-old software, upgrading your firm to a best-in-class CRM is the ticket to competitive advantage. When modern technology ensures full coverage across the firm’s ecosystem — along with a single source of truth that’s accessible firmwide — you, your colleagues, and decision makers all win.




“I hate using the phrase ‘game change’ but it’s been a huge benefit to us. It’s been a great implementation and it’s made our team more effective, especially in our Monday morning meetings.”

– Jim Milbery, ParkerGale

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