Credit and leveraged finance software for debt capital markets.

Global capital markets participants rely on lenders and credit advisory firms to provide flexible, readily available, and innovative financing solutions. Because of this, lending firms are tasked with developing relationships with a wide array of professionals at every stage of the transaction lifecycle. Without the right technology platform in place, lenders and credit advisors are at risk of losing those relationships or letting them grow stale.


By creating a single source of truth for all information regarding deals, relationships, and funds, DealCloud has enabled debt capital markets (DCM) participants to operate more efficiently and strategically.


Our technology was built exclusively for the financial services market. To its core, DealCloud believes that every firm is unique and should have the power to configure each of its systems and processes into one, unified technology platform. We’re proud to deliver these solutions to debt providers of all shapes and sizes, ranging from high-volume, small-business lending firms to the firms that make headlines with blockbuster deals.


The development and rise of vertical-specific CRMs, like DealCloud, has made it easier for leveraged debt capital markets firms to keep all their contacts, activities, and other critical information in one place. But DealCloud is more than just CRM. Equipped with transaction workflow capabilities and team collaboration functionalities, DealCloud’s leveraged finance software offers a state-of-the-art deal and relationship management system for lenders and credit advisors.


From strategy to execution

DealCloud’s leveraged finance software for debt capital markets firms enables lenders and credit advisors to keep all their contacts, activities, and other critical information in one place. DealCloud defines a “single source of truth” as the place where all of your firm’s data and information surrounding is accounted for and easily accessed. The benefit of this approach is that there is a clear defined process and workflow for finding answers and making decisions.

Lenders need the freedom and flexibility to pivot from deal to deal, relationship to relationship. That’s why best-in-class debt capital firms leverage DealCloud’s platform to more effectively deploy capital and grow their practices:


  • Private company monitoring
  • Business development activity tracking
  • Sponsor and banker coverage
  • Industry analysis
  • Travel planning
  • Deal marketing
  • Deal and legal document management
  • Compliance and risk management
  • Time tracking

Credit and leveraged finance software features and solutions

Unlike other leveraged finance software platforms, DealCloud was built by leveraged finance professionals, for leveraged finance professionals. Our technology centralizes unorganized data and transforms it into meaningful intelligence with easy-to-read, interactive dashboards and automated reports. Users can elect to receive notifications and automated reports with predictive insights via email, web, and mobile. Notifications can be scheduled, such as weekly pipeline reports, or triggered by certain activities within the platform, such as the creation of a new deal or logged note.


Since our platform was built by industry experts, we know that not all debt capital markets firms operate in the same way. The pipeline, relationship management and reporting needs of one user, team, division, or company may differ greatly from the next. That’s why our users have the power and precise control to tailor DealCloud on a user by user basis so that every individual has the tools and the views in front of them necessary to facilitate the flow of information intuitively, simply, and with the right levels of access.

Solution overview


With the increasingly complex nature of relationships in the capital markets, Rolodexes, spreadsheets, and industry-agnostic CRMs are no longer the best tools for the job. DealCloud’s industry-specific platform centralizes communication and relationship data and helps lenders and credit advisors transform day-to-day activities into actionable relationship intelligence.


Business development

In order to succeed, credit and leveraged finance investors must embrace the role of technology in drumming up new opportunities. DealCloud’s credit and leveraged finance software provides business development professionals with the tools they need.

Pipeline management

DealCloud’s vertical-specific technology was designed to handle the nuances of complex transactions with many participants. Our leveraged finance software helps firms transform the way they approach, track, and accelerate deals as they move through every stage in the pipeline, from origination to execution.

Actionable data

Credit and leveraged finance professionals need to maintain visibility into every corner of the market in order to compete. That’s why we created DataCortex, an integrated data solution that allows dealmakers to manage proprietary and third–party data in one unified platform, empowering them to transform that data into institutional knowledge.



DealCloud’s integrated marketing solution, Dispatch, allows real estate investment management firms to deploy marketing campaigns with ease. Email campaign activity, performance metrics, and analytics are found within your existing DealCloud platform, which makes it easy for dealmakers to originate deals, share updates on the firm, and gather a full and transparent view of every relationship.


DealCloud’s software enables lenders and credit advisors to accelerate conflict resolution by streamlining critical risk-management activities within a unified deal, relationship, and compliance management platform. Gain visibility into increasingly complex and demanding deal terms by centralizing, streamlining, and indexing transaction-related and other documents.

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Ready for a CRM that’s purpose-built for credit and  leveraged finance?


Despite careful consideration and planning, most capital markets firms struggle to implement a CRM solution in a way that serves the firm’s needs. Many firms store vital data in unorganized or unoptimized systems. In fact, countless deal professionals find themselves wasting time on manual data entry or repetitive pipeline updates as they happen.

If this sounds familiar, it may be time to reconsider your current CRM selection and pipeline management process.

The good news is, you’re not alone. With countless CRM migrations under our belt, we have the expertise to craft a strategy for optimizing your CRM using just a few pieces of information about your firm’s size, data, reporting needs, and workflow.


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  • Grow and maintain relationships
  • Achieve better market coverage
  • Enhance forecasting capabilities and pipeline visibility
  • Stay compliant and mitigate risk

  • Streamline business development activity management
  • Heighten transparency across team members
  • Increase the likelihood of a closed deal
  • Execute deals more efficiently

DealCloud differentiators

Over the last ten years, we’ve developed countless tools and features on top of our core CRM platform that enables lenders and credit advisors to do the administrative and time-intensive parts of their job more quickly and efficiently. The time saved using DealCloud gives professionals more time to build and grow relationships that lead to closed deals.


One great feature of DealCloud’s purpose-built leveraged finance software is our one-click tear sheets. Most firms have the need to create reports consistently (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or at any other cadence). These reports include deal pipeline updates, status reports, or industry and sub-industry progress reports. Many firms spend countless hours generating these reports in Excel spreadsheets, and waste time sorting and formatting the report every time it needs to be created.


DealCloud also has automated the entire report generation process so that before any meeting or call, dealmakers can leverage and share real-time data with the click of a button. Best of all, the process is simple. You have access to one-click tear sheets for your debt capital markets firm and you will learn how to create new and unique Word document, PDF, and Excel reports.


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Many debt capital markets firms have struggled to configure generic CRM platforms to meet their unique needs. As a result, thousands of investors have turned to DealCloud’s team of consultants to transform the way the firm uses technology. Because our platform comes equipped with tools and features that can’t be found in any other leveraged finance software tool, including compliance and analytics features, DealCloud has emerged as the clear choice amongst firms globally. No other front-office technology provider has achieved a comparable level of market penetration in the debt capital markets.


We believe that CRM platforms that are built generically will never achieve investors’ desired outcomes. The underlying technology, unfortunately, cannot be retrofitted to manage the complex relationships and deal structures of a diverse portfolio.


Our platform, proprietarily built on a flexible and multi-relational database model, provides a meaningful alternative to these generic platforms and delivers unrivaled value to our clients. From the beginning, we have understood the complexities of the debt capital markets industry and have designed and innovated our product to serve lenders and credit advisors. Put simply, our technology is without equal in the market because of the unmatched outcomes and greater value we have generated, outpacing that of any competitive leveraged finance software platform.



“DealCloud’s understanding of the deal process and CRM needs of investment teams is unique. Park Square has deep relationships across the market and the ease of day-to-day use and out-of-the-box reporting has significantly improved the way we manage these relationships.”

Andrew Haywood

“DealCloud’s robust technology backbone, customizable interfaces, elegant design, and outstanding customer service stand out. DealCloud has quickly become a critical part of our overall development and deal management efforts. We’ve only scratched the surface on other value-add ways we’ll ultimately utilize DealCoud’s capabilities in areas like fundraising and portfolio management.”

David Duke

“Our firm prides itself on always closing deals on time. Having this system in place ensures our team can work with our clients in the most efficient manner.”

Afsheen Ali

“By giving us a centralized view of our relationships and highlighting opportunities, DealCloud allows us to continue our history of successfully partnering with portfolio companies & investors through all market cycles.”

Greg Racz

“As a middle market lender, it’s imperative that we maintain strong relationships with both the buy- and sell-side. DealCloud DataCortex gives us a birds-eye view of ongoing developments in the market so that we can streamline and focus our deal sourcing and business development efforts.”

Jeremy Simmons

“DealCloud is a best-in-class CRM tool that allows us to effectively track our contacts, deal origination, and internal work-flow. We are delighted to partner with the market leading CRM company in our sector.”

Richard Bradlow

“After a competitive selection process, the offering from DealCloud was compelling. Galiant Partners has a modern approach to investment banking and embraces technology solutions to optimize its transaction and client relationship management. The team at Galiant Partners looks forward to leveraging the DealCloud platform for the benefit of its clients and looks forward to working with the DealCloud global team.”

Jan-Erik Back

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