Real estate fund management software

Real estate fund management is complex. In order to meet institutional investors’ demands, these deal professionals must be able to maintain the highest levels of transparency and real-time reporting.

One-third of fund managers still rely on spreadsheets for asset and portfolio management. That doesn’t cut it for institutional investors, who expect up-to-date, transparent reporting. It’s vital that the real estate fund management function not only implement the right digital tools and technology, but also preserve the time and human talent. Today’s institutional LPs will settle for nothing less.

Real estate fund managers:
Meet and exceed institutional investor demands


Generating superior risk-adjusted returns and meeting (or exceeding) institutional investor demands requires real estate investment managers to execute at the highest levels. But that’s difficult when time is a luxury. Fund managers spend an incredible amount of time answering questions, negotiating prices, and holding meetings. Working in their business leaves fund managers little time to focus on their business. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day.

Time: A fund manager’s most valuable asset

Compounding the problem, the little time real estate fund managers do have often ends up getting commandeered by flurries of distractions. When an urgent text or email comes in, or the phone rings right as a fund manager is starting to focus, it makes it virtually impossible to get anything done.

That’s why it’s so vital that fund managers find ways to automate and delegate what they can, so they can preserve their own time for the highest and best use of their skill sets.

Efficiency through automation

Real estate fund management teams should identify operational problems, think through how they’re connected, and drill down to the causes of the issues. Most glitches can be traced back to bad data or the lack of processes. Many happen because companies don’t invest in a central “hub” that captures data and then uses specific tools to glean data and identify trends. Now is the time to invest in a digital solution that centralizes data and automates processes. This will prepare real estate fund managers for the next growth cycle.

Why DealCloud?

DealCloud’s real estate investment and development CRM centralizes a real estate fund manager’s key deal information, market information, and financial models, so they can streamline their operations, provide transparency to investors, and ensure their reporting capabilities are up-to-date and accurate.

With data-based insights, real estate fund managers have a more thorough understanding of relationships — from conversations to current and past deal flows. Our platform is designed specifically for the real estate industry and optimized for each firm’s unique needs.

From strategy to execution

Purpose-built real estate investment software to help derive value in every transaction, the DealCloud real estate deal and relationship management platform is fully configurable and flexible.

Best-in-class real estate professionals leverage DealCloud’s real estate investor CRM software for the following:


  • Centralized deal information
  • Pipeline management
  • Business development activity tracking
  • Due-diligence collaboration
  • Task management and tracking
  • Fundraising and IR
  • Property and portfolio analysis

Real estate fund management software that powers modern dealmaking

DealCloud’s software provides real estate fund managers with intelligent pipeline tracking, powerful deal analytics, and collaborative workflows, so real estate fund managers can focus on meeting investor demands and closing deals.

Custom workflows

Business processes can make or break a deal, so it’s important that real estate fund managers streamline their team’s workflows for seamless collaboration. From messages to tasks and files, everything is updated in real time and centralized on DealCloud’s platform. That means real estate fund managers have an at-a-glance view of deal progress, teams have constant clarity around next steps that need to happen, and institutional investors get the transparency they require.

Single source of information 

When time is of the essence, fund managers don’t have time to hunt around for the latest information. Because DealCloud centralizes all data in one place, real estate fund managers can sort, navigate, and pull exactly the data they need in a matter of seconds.

360-degree view of the portfolio

Real estate fund managers can easily sort and segment data with out-of-the-box reporting and data visualization. DealCloud identifies high-value actions needed to increase performance and allows fund managers to generate portfolio, financial and loan reports in minutes, keeping institutional investors satisfied.

Designed to scale

DealCloud’s ease of scalability and customization further empowers fund managers to take on bigger, more complex deals. By tracking data for every deal a real estate fund manager has ever closed, lost, or pursued, they can dig into the data to get insights that can inform their ongoing approach and provide the transparency institutional investors demand.

Best-in-class risk management

The larger the system, the greater the security risk. DealCloud has addressed this by protecting enterprise value with institutional grade data security and risk management controls that real estate fund managers can trust. We maintain SOC2 Type 2 certification and standards for security, processing integrity, and confidentiality.

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Ready for a CRM that is purpose-built for real estate fund management?


Despite careful consideration and planning, most capital markets firms struggle to implement a CRM solution in a way that serves the firm’s needs. Many firms store vital data in unorganized or unoptimized systems. In fact, countless deal professionals find themselves wasting time on manual data entry or repetitive pipeline updates as they happen.

If this sounds familiar, it may be time to reconsider your current CRM selection and pipeline management process.

The good news is, you’re not alone. With countless CRM migrations under our belt, we have the expertise to craft a strategy for optimizing your CRM using just a few pieces of information about your firm’s size, data, reporting needs, and workflow.


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Outcomes for real estate fund managers



  • Deploy capital efficiently
  • Track deals completely
  • Close deals faster
  • Institutionalize market knowledge

  • Reduce closing costs
  • Improve fund performance
  • Mitigate risk and maintain compliance


“We process an extraordinary amount of documents, and have countless meetings, emails, and phone calls. We leverage DealCloud to help us turn our day-to-day activities into business development opportunities, and the solution helps us execute and report on deals more efficiently.”

Anthony Mariano

“We led a competitive selection process with various PE and real estate CRM providers. As we moved through the process, it became increasingly evident that DealCloud would provide the most value-add to our fundraising process from Day 1. Additionally, we believe that the deal management component will provide improved tools for helping us to evaluate new real estate opportunities and to manage our existing portfolio.”

Jason Claro

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