Our mobile application is optimized for on-the-go dealmaking.

Access custom tearsheets, reports, dashboards, documents, and all the data you need from in the palm of your hand.

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Keep moving deals along, anytime and anywhere

The DealCloud mobile app enables professionals to be productive irrespective of where they are. It enables users to access all of their reports, dashboards, charts, grids, lists, views, and template reports right from the palm of their hands. They can also search for all DealCloud data from within the app and filter results to quickly narrow them down. The app is optimized for all of the handheld devices that professionals use every day.

Access real-time data while out in the field meeting prospects and customers

The mobile app enables dealmakers to keep track of deals at every stage in the pipeline by accessing real-time dashboards on-the-go. Professionals can not only access their documents from the app, but also generate reports, run saved views, even drill into the chart data.

360-degree information for rapid meeting prep

The mobile app provides dealmakers with a single point of reference for reviewing and prepping for meetings, and the ability to log notes afterward. Users can even link their work calendars to the mobile app and get a 360-degree overview of any meeting. Users will also be able to sync meetings directly to DealCloud. Once synced, users will be able to log their meeting notes directly into the app.

Capture key information effortlessly

Log meeting notes and details on any customer communications. Professionals can also scan business cards directly into DealCloud as contacts using OCR (Optical Character Recognition). The in-app business scanner will automatically extract information from business cards, and not only add that information to the contact list but also retrieve information from DealCloud about that individual or their firm.

Never miss an important update

The mobile app includes real-time notifications about key activities and events that enables professionals to be instantly responsive. Get notified about everything from new leads to neglected cases, deal status changes and more without leaving the app.

Access your data even when offline

The app supports “Offline” mode, with the offline sync capabilities allowing professionals to work even when there is no cellular service. Changes made offline will automatically sync across devices once you’re connected to a network. In addition, the mobile app also enables professionals to receive mobile notifications and alerts for anything that needs their attention, and start new calls and emails with just one tap.

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