DealCloud data partnerships allow firms to search and query various third-party data providers directly from within the DealCloud platform, eliminating the need to toggle back and forth between sites. Through these partnerships, professionals have access to up-to-date, verified proprietary data models. We offer integrations with the below partners to help firms seamlessly search datasets, drive quicker data analysis, and improve decision-making:

DealCloud integrates Cherre’s Foundation dataset directly into property detail pages to provide seamless access to up-to-date property-level attributes alongside proprietary datasets to deliver rich, quick-to-access intelligence, inform diligence, and drive decision-making. Cherre Foundation data offers extensive property-level intelligence including valuations, ownership, tax and assessment details, and other valuable property characteristics. 

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With the increasingly competitive nature of real estate investing, firms need an integrated solution to quickly
analyze data and drive investment outcomes. DealCloud partners with Esri Demographics to combine DealCloud’s robust pipeline and relationship management tools with Esri’s extensive mapping and data analytics software.
The DealCloud Esri integration provides an out-of-the-box solution that lets real estate investors view proprietary data alongside rich geographical attributes pulled directly from the Esri database, including total population, per capita income, median age, and other key demographics.

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The DealCoud-Grata integration brings Grata’s leading deal sourcing platform together with DealCloud’s pipeline and engagement lifecycle solutions, bringing a better way of proprietary sourcing to private capital markets professionals. Gain insights through Grata middle market company intelligence, evaluate targets, and seamlessly move vetted prospects through the DealCloud pipeline.  

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