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Preqin and DealCloud:
Unlock private market intelligence


The integration of Preqin’s data and intelligence through DataCortex enables DealCloud users to enhance their private markets knowledge base and super-charge their fundraising and investor relations initiatives. Through this partnership, dealmakers can populate DealCloud with Preqin’s curated investor profiles, investment criteria and allocations, firm information, and up-to-date contact details.


Preqin’s dedicated global research teams forge and maintain direct relationships with private markets firms and investors to guarantee that data delivered is accurate, timely, and exclusive to Preqin. By leveraging this data through DataCortex, dealmakers and fundraisers gain relevant and actionable insights on investment plans and past investment activity that gives their firm a competitive edge.


Perhaps most importantly, this integration enables firms to populate their DealCloud CRM with Preqin data, creating a centralized location for the firm’s capital markets data.


The benefits of integrating Preqin via DataCortex include:


  • Real-time private capital market intelligence
  • Reduced data entry and administrative burden
  • Deeper knowledge of the investor landscape
  • Enhanced business development initiatives
  • More accurate contact and company records
  • Targeted and thoughtful fundraising campaigns
  • Supercharged relationship management


Supercharge fundraising initiatives


Gone are the days of manually populating your CRM with investor and LP contact information. Best-in-class firms leverage the powerful combination of DealCloud DataCortex and Preqin to discover investors who are a perfect fit for each fund based on their unique preferences and restrictions. They also seamlessly track theses relationships with DealCloud’s best-in-class pipeline management technology.

Preqin’s extensive and global research operation uncovers hidden opportunities and enables firms to make more confident investor relations and fundraising decisions. Combined with DealCloud’s tools for pipeline management and fully integrated marketing suite, fundraisers, relationship managers, and dealmakers are well-equipped to outperform the competition.


If you are…


A private equity firm leveraging DealCloud and Preqin subscriptions;

Seeking deeper insights into the institutional investor landscape;

Frustrated with time-consuming data entry processes across platforms; or

Raising private funds in the future…


DealCloud DataCortex powered by Preqin is the modern solution you need to work smarter.



What is DealCloud DataCortex?


Dealmakers need to maintain visibility on every corner of the market in order to compete. That’s why we created DataCortex, an integrated data solution that allows capital markets professionals to manage proprietary and third-party data in one unified platform and empowers them to transform that data into institutional knowledge.

The solution is fully integrated into the DealCloud Platform, so firms can easily run complex reports, analyze industry trends, and evaluate potential synergies in the same hub where they originate deals and manage relationships. Furthermore, DealCloud DataCortex enables our clients to make critical decisions more quickly and identify meaningful opportunities that were previously unknown.

Every day, our clients use DataCortex to maximize their existing investments in technology by saving time and effort switching between platforms, uncovering intelligent insights into their target markets, identifying the best industry participants to work with, and much more.

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The benefits of integrating Preqin data via DataCortex include:



  • Deeper understanding of institutional investor appetites
  • Uncovered fundraising trends and niche opportunities
  • Decreased data entry and administrative burden
  • More robust marketing pipelines
  • Enhanced LP discovery and tracking
  • Exclusive investor insights
  • Streamlined due diligence processes


“Building on the top-decile performance of our previous fund, we wanted better tools to organize and manage information as we deploy our new fund. We’re a small team, and we all work on sourcing, portfolio management, and fundraising. We sought a platform to help us design and execute marketing programs to get the right deal flow and coordinate fundraising and other work streams internally.”

Scott VandeKerkhoff

“As a midmarket lender, it’s imperative that we maintain strong relationships with both the buy- and sell-side. DealCloud DataCortex gives us a birds-eye view of ongoing developments in the market so that we can streamline and focus our deal sourcing and business development efforts.”

Jeremy Simmons

“We needed a platform that would be able to keep up with our fast-passed environment, strengthening our investor relations and supporting our fundraising activity. We are committed to constantly improving our communication with our investors and increasing efficiency of our fundraising processes, thus have introduced one of the best tools available in the market.”

Monika Nachyla

“DealCloud’s robust technology backbone, customizable interfaces, elegant design and outstanding customer service stand out. DealCloud has quickly become a critical part of our overall development and deal management efforts. We’ve only scratched the surface on other value-add ways we’ll ultimately utilize DealCoud’s capabilities in areas like fundraising and portfolio management.”

David Duke

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