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For some time now, the financial services industry has been booming. Firms have achieved record fundraising levels, expanded investment strategies, become more global in nature, and grown in size. While much of that growth has been prompted by the success of people, technology has also played a large role in helping the overall firm to succeed. In an effort to maintain a competitive posture in this environment, hundreds of firms have relied on DealCloud’s financial services CRM (customer relationship management) solution.

Many clients choose DealCloud because our platform and implementation process was built specifically for financial services firms who have regulatory, compliance, and fiduciary responsibilities and standards to adhere to. When you become a DealCloud client, you gain access to our technology, our experts, and the combined knowledge of our entire client base. We support our users with in-depth tutorials, on-demand help, hours of training materials, as well as platform certifications. These benefits and features ensure that every firm undergoes a thoughtful and impactful data migration and implementation process that sets them up for success. With deep knowledge of the unique complexities of transaction and relationship structures, our team is uniquely suited to support technology transformation programs and CRM implementation projects for financial services firms.


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Our solution offers more than relationship management

To put it simply, our solution is not just a CRM. The DealCloud technology empowers financial services firms to harness the cumulative intellectual capital of their people and processes. With the DealCloud platform, firms of all shapes and sizes get a single source of truth to help manage relationships, execute deals, and easily connect with external solutions and third-party data providers. Our CRM is just the start to a managed, organized, and empowered financial services firm.

All-in-one private equity CRM solution to streamline relationships and source deals

Most private equity firms know that data is incredibly important for maintaining a competitive advantage, but don’t take the necessary steps to make their data actionable across the entire organization. From Analysts to Managing Directors, DealCloud enables private equity investors to leverage their proprietary insights in one centralized place, leveraging beautifully designed and interactive reports and dashboards that illustrate the data a firm owns. Whether you center your investment strategy on industry specialization, sub-sector, geography, or deal size, DealCloud’s flexible data structure and easy-to-configure tags allow investors to get more out of their data.

CRM features

Relationship tiering

Tiering has proven to be successful because it allows relationship managers at private equity firms to quickly grasp the overall value (or potential value) of any contact or company they interact with. Since every firm and investment mandate is unique, DealCloud’s CRM technology allows private equity firms to architect a tiering strategy that fits their unique needs and organizational structure.

Full view of communication

Over time, and with every transaction, private equity firms gain greater awareness of their own strengths and weaknesses as well as that of their competition. All of the communications and data your PE firm needs should be centrally housed and accessible to everyone through an industry-specific CRM like DealCloud.

Relationship ownership and management

The most efficient private equity firms are tracking and evaluating their key relationships better than ever with DealCloud’s platform. We sync every meeting, phone call, and email that PE firms exchange to keep a centralized view of all relationships. Relationship managers and coverage professionals are using these engagements to better understand their deal pipeline, opportunity flow, and competitive posture.

One-click report downloads

Rather than lock you into a single type of reporting, DealCloud’s technology allows private equity firms to run complex reports either from our web platform, or through our Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Outlook add-ins. Whether automatically generating pipeline summaries for Monday morning meetings or biographies of top-tier investment banking contacts, our tear sheet technology is designed to reduce administrative burden and to help dealmakers execute more quickly.

Better relationship intelligence

For private equity professionals, calculating a firmwide relationship score, or drilling down into the touchpoint history with individuals tends to be difficult. With DealCloud’s relationship intelligence technology, dealmakers gain insight into the health of their most complex relationships as well as receive AI-powered reminders to nurture relationships that are at risk.

Configurable permissions

DealCloud users have the power and precise control to tailor their CRM on a user by user basis so that every individual has the necessary tools and the views to get the job done. These control features facilitate the flow of information intuitively, simply, and with the appropriate levels of access to confidential data and other information pertaining to your private equity firm.

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DealCloud differentiators

Founded in 2010 by a team of deal professionals, DealCloud has private equity operations and know-how in its DNA. Over the last 10 years, our team has helped more than 400 private equity firms transform the way they work. With our collective intelligence and experience, we’ve developed a technology blueprint that differentiates our platform from any other because it leverages best practices from firms of all shapes, sizes, and strategies.

Our core differentiators ›

  • Can I sync emails to the DealCloud platform? Yes – our private equity clients have the ability to sync emails and documents from their individual instance of Outlook or Gmail. By using the DealCloud Add In from inside these platforms, dealmakers can log meeting notes, add new contacts to their CRM, update due diligence progress and more all from within their email platform. This negates the need to toggle back-and-forth between multiple platforms.
  • How long does it take to implement the DealCloud technology at a private equity firm? There is no average or expected length of time for implementation since our process is thorough and custom-fit to meet your firm’s unique needs. Time varies based on the size of your firm, scope of how you intend to use the platform, cleanliness and organization of your firm’s data, and other considerations. For more information about our implementation process, you can download our “getting started” guide, or listen to our recent webinar “Get to Know DealCloud Implementation” for a seamless rollout.
  • Does DealCloud offer a private equity CRM mobile application? Yes–we recognize that much of a private equity firm’s dealmaking activity happens while traveling, attending conferences, or while participating in trade shows. That’s why our mobile app is completely configurable and optimized for on-the-go dealmaking and is built to provide deal professionals with greater access to custom tearsheets, reports, dashboards, documents, and other important data. Our application is available on iOS and Android. Learn more about our mobile CRM application.
  • Does DealCloud have integrations with third-party data providers? Yes–we offers fully integrated data solution called DataCortex. DataCortex allows private equity investors to easily run complex reports, analyze industry trends, and evaluate potential synergies in the same hub where they originate deals and manage relationships. We currently offer data integrations with third-party providers such as S&P Global, FactSet, Pitchbook, Preqin, Sutton Place Strategies, Sourcescrub, and PrivCo, among others.

Relationship intelligence for modern private equity firms

With competition across the market, multiples, and dry powder more prevalent than ever, it’s critically important for private equity professionals to keep their strategies close and their relationships closer. Additionally, because of the increasingly complex nature of transactions and the sheer number of participants on a given deal, Rolodexes and spreadsheets are no longer the best tool for the job. DealCloud’s platform centralizes communication data and helps private equity firms transform average day-to-day activities into actionable relationship intelligence.

By leveraging DealCloud’s notification engine, deal professionals can automatically receive alerts when a key contact or firm hasn’t been contacted in a certain span of time. Additionally, private equity dealmakers can leverage dashboards that showcase where certain contacts are geographically located so that every time a professional travels (whether for management meetings, conferences, or trade shows), they are coordinating touch-points with key relationships in those geographies.

Modern private equity firms, each with their unique strategies, choose to leverage DealCloud’s private equity CRM for a number of reasons. Pine Brook, a New York-based investment firm that manages more than $6.0 billion of limited partner commitments, selected DealCloud to serve as its central platform for deal, relationship, and firm management initiatives. Roark Capital, an Atlanta-based private equity firm focused on investing in consumer and business service companies, selected DealCloud as part of its firm-wide technology transformation program. 3i Group, an international investment company focused on private equity and infrastructure in northern Europe and North America, selected DealCloud as its CRM and investment pipeline system. While all of these firms selected DealCloud for different purposes, DealCloud’s baseline technology supports all of these firms with their unique needs. Each undergoes a thoughtful data migration, data cleansing, and implementation process with DealCloud’s private equity specialists to ensure that all pain points with previous technology platforms are addressed and solved.

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The best private equity firms are those that are meticulous about relationships, metrics-driven in their decision-making, and diligent about their pipelines. It’s no wonder that those same best-in-class PE firms rely on DealCloud’s CRM technology to support their day-to-day work.

Over 400 private equity firms globally rely on DealCloud’s CRM to track the way capital flows into the firm through fundraising and out of the fund through capital deployments.. Our network of PE firms also leverages our technology to generates monthly, quarterly, and annual summaries of the success of those deployments. Investors use DealCloud’s CRM technology to promote firm-wide transparency on initiatives such as due diligence processes, seller conversations, intermediary activity, and limited partner (LP) communication. These investors also leverage the DealCloud CRM platform to track and manage important documents such as LOIs, IOIs, offering memorandums, and more. With fully configurable dashboards, automated reports, high-impact alerts, and third-party data integrations, it’s time to schedule your personalized demo of the DealCloud CRM product.

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