DealCloud Differentiator: Technology blueprint for commercial real estate


Today’s real estate investors and operators will accept nothing less than a sophisticated and technology-driven strategy for deploying capital. They require a complete, purpose-built platform that meets the unique needs of Commercial Real Estate (CRE) investment teams ― regardless of their structure, size, and specialties. Every investment thesis is unique and the teams who execute … Continued

DealCloud Differentiator: Technology blueprint for private equity firms


Private equity technology that’s purpose-built is hard to come by. In a recent whitepaper titled, “Technology and the contemporary private equity firm,” we identified five major challenges facing modern dealmakers and how a technology-forward approach to internal operations and investing could alleviate many of the pain points private equity professionals feel. We’ve spent countless hours … Continued

DealCloud Differentiator: Technology blueprint for investment banking and advisory firms


According to a recent PwC study titled “Technology and Innovation in Global Capital Markets,” 96% of investment bankers surveyed agree that the successful banking institutions of the future will need to be more flexible, agile, and innovative. Increasingly complex market dynamics are driving this trend, and without the right tools and technology, buyer identification is … Continued

Promoting better decision-making in commercial real estate


Technology is rapidly transforming the commercial real estate (CRE) industry, primarily due to growth in available data across markets and assets. However, a data increase alone doesn’t lead to better, faster decision-making, nor does it deliver on the wide range of benefits promised through digital transformation.   To meet and exceed the specific demands of … Continued

Three ways to track real estate investments more effectively


In today’s rapidly changing real estate investment market, real estate professionals must plan several steps ahead to ensure that they’ll be able to meet their clients’ evolving needs. Real estate firms must keep a mindful eye on emerging market trends and use best-in-class technology to truly gain an edge in this competitive industry. Migrating to … Continued

Tips for deal origination in the debt capital markets


The debt capital markets are hot. According to a recent S&P report, “the amount of global debt from financial and nonfinancial corporates rated by S&P Global Ratings grew by 6% from Jan. 1, 2019, to $20.6 trillion as of April 1, 2020. Since the beginning of 2019, the amount of U.S. corporate debt has grown … Continued

Radius Capital Partners Selects DealCloud

New Client Announcement

Radius Capital Partners, a New York City-based private equity and infrastructure firm that seeks opportunities in the Technology, Media, and Telecom (TMT) sectors, with a primary focus today to bring high-speed broadband internet service to rural and under-served markets throughout the U.S., has selected DealCloud to implement a formal technology for managing business development and … Continued

Struck by lightning: Key considerations for capital markets firms in selecting and managing front office technology


We get alot of questions from investors and bankers considering Salesforce and DealCloud as their institutional CRM. Our response?: CRM vendors provide either a generic platform or one that’s built for a specific purpose. Generic CRM platforms are designed for broad swaths of use cases; they’re typically deployed within sectors with minimal demand for industry-specific … Continued

Capital markets technology transformation begins with these 3 simple steps


Technology transformation within capital markets firms is a proven strategy for helping financial services professionals better address their LP and client expectations. In a recent webinar that DealCloud co-hosted with LionPoint, we shared insights from our global client base and how they managed technology transformation. In order to learn more about the technology transformation process, … Continued