SmartRoom and DealCloud:
Powerful data for intelligent investing

The SmartRoom + DealCloud integration allows partners to automate all investor relations services in a single platform with real-time information and dynamic reporting. Accessible anytime, anywhere, to keep teams informed and aligned.

Key features for investors

Make more informed decisions by automating the distribution of fund information and reporting data in real time.

Modern portal experience

Impress your investors with an intuitive online experience. Customize the portal design to match your branding.

Portfolio management

LPs can securely access the latest fund information, reporting, history and transactions, documents, and investment opportunities.

Data-driven insights

Fully customizable dynamic dashboards and graphics with real-time data give the investors the transparency they need to make strategic decisions.

Key features for fund managers

The most efficient way to manage all investor relations services from end to end.


Manage investor contacts

Easily import contacts from DealCloud integration or spreadsheets. Assign security profiles to control access and distribution to LP-specific folders.

Centralize workflows

Project management tools and integrated VDR allow you to centralize all data so you can conduct due diligence, fundraise, market, and more.

Share fund information

Share pertinent fund information with the ability to customize which fund details are made available to any specific investor.

Calculate call and distribution requests

Centralize and streamline fund accounting. Calculate calls and distributions using an import from Excel or custom calculations.

Automate investor reporting

Automate the generation of investor-specific reports based on your existing templates and distribute them into individual portal accounts.

Automate email notifications

Automate alerts and instantly notify investors via custom email templates when new information is available in the portal.


See how it works:


Control granular user permission and security directly from user lists in DealCloud. SmartRoom’s SmartLock technology extends security beyond the  platform with remote document detonation.


Leverage end-to-end deal lifecycle management with this fully integrated and customized solution. Maintain complete records of investor communication with the evolved relationship intelligence of DealCloud.


Streamline processes and  accelerate workflows with real-time data management. Make informed decisions on your next deal with valuable insights from robust data analytics.

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