Document and team collaboration

Boost firmwide team collaboration with intelligent workspaces that make the most of Microsoft Teams, orchestrate document management across all your content sources for full lifecycle visibility and collaboration, and transform the client experience with secure, personalized external collaboration.


DealCloud streamlines collaboration and helps financial and professional services firms work smarter, combining the power of DealCloud and Microsoft 365.


Good teamwork drives better client outcomes. Help your professionals work better together by implementing purpose-built workspaces that bring everyone into the same virtual headquarters.


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Accelerate deal execution timeline

DealCloud simplifies collaboration, turning Microsoft Teams and Outlook into your virtual headquarters. Deal teams can easily collaborate in a single, unified environment while accessing relevant content from across various firm systems. Boost efficiency by automating workspace creation with out-of-the-box, deal-centric layouts and permission controls, and support workspace lifecycle management from sourcing and origination through deal execution.

Augment institutional knowledge

DealCloud memorializes all the work created for each deal into well-organized workspaces, chats, and folders that users can query and access through the DealCloud platform, SharePoint, DealCloud Workspaces, or Microsoft Outlook. Spend less time accessing valuable information and files from past deals to quickly reapply frameworks on current projects.

Improved team collaboration

Provide deal-centric intelligence and automation within Microsoft Teams

Teamwork leads to better client outcomes. Help your dealmakers with purpose-built workspaces that bring everyone together.

DealCloud extends Microsoft Teams to provide deal-centric experiences, 360-degree insights, and automatic lifecycle management for financial and professional services firms. The software helps streamline collaboration, connecting distributed teams while automatically preserving your firm’s security and compliance standards. The resulting changes free your dealmakers and professionals from administrative burdens, letting them focus on working together to better serve clients and successfully deliver on complex, multidisciplinary work.


Deal management for Microsoft Teams

Simplify collaboration

Help make deal collaboration instantaneous and frictionless

Mitigate risk

Automate and maintain your firm’s security and governance standards even with rapid adoption of Microsoft Teams

Improve client satisfaction

Deliver favorable client outcomes powered by actionable insights and increased transparency via secure external collaboration

Leverage automation

DealCloud’s conflicts of interest management software automates repetitive and duplicative tasks, helping dealmakers focus more time and attention on transactions. By leveraging AI-assisted conflicts clearance software, dealmakers can work more efficiently, more regularly.

Deal-centric collaboration

Create new Microsoft Teams workspaces with deal-centric layouts and content controls. Auto-provision team-based workspaces during intake using preconfigured templates based on client and deal characteristics. Populate workspaces with standardized metadata from your firm’s compliance software and other systems of record.

Microsoft Teams governance

Manage the entire Microsoft Teams evolution and lifecycle, from initial workspace creation through the addition of new tasks to project closure and team dissolution. Automatically remind workspace owners to update deal lifecycle stages, keeping everyone accountable for lifecycle management and preventing sprawl.

Insights and intelligence

Create a single pane of glass into each deal, including relevant content gathered from other firm applications, such as financial management, document management, and deal management systems. Give dealmakers access to the depth and breadth of your firm’s collective intelligence.

Security policies

Provide discrete controls for collaboration workspace creation permissions, as well as privacy, visibility, and access parameters. Establish boundaries, locking down workspaces to specific groups of people and securing chat, files, and folders within those private channels.

Multidimensional workspace dashboards

Quickly locate any workspace using configurable dashboards that simplify navigations. Filter using rich, standardized metadata — by deal, company, deal owner, or other key deal elements. Reduce workspace redundancy by letting dealmakers easily check for existing workspaces before they set up new ones.

Unified document management

Modernize your document management system. Make firmwide knowledge capture a reality, connecting Microsoft SharePoint, Outlook, and all your file systems.

DealClooud turns Microsoft SharePoint into a purpose-built document management system that serves the unique needs of financial and professional services firms. DealCloud also orchestrates content management across all firm sources for full lifecycle visibility and collaboration. DealCloud transforms your firm’s existing Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and SharePoint software into secure and controlled spaces where users can create and collaborate on content within customized user experiences that include built-in synchronization and interoperability.

Simplify document management

Bring deal-centric experience to Microsoft SharePoint and Outlook while leveraging familiar Microsoft Office 365 capabilities, ensuring minimal change management for users.

Improve client-deal visibility

Provide a 360-degree view of company and deal information within Microsoft Outlook via integration with Intapp and other firm applications.

Synchronize content

Synchronize content and folder structure across Microsoft SharePoint, Outlook, document management systems, and other file repositories to ensure knowledge capture and free up dealmakers’ time searching for files.

Deal-centric document libraries

Automatically create a Microsoft SharePoint site and document library for each company or deal that’s entered in DealCloud, and manage them throughout the entire deal lifecycle. Autoprovision template-based folders, security, and content within the document libraries that vary by deal type or other attributes

Access and synchronize content within Microsoft Outlook

Extends Microsoft Outlook functionality beyond email, providing access to content systems via the same familiar interface. Access Microsoft SharePoint document libraries and content from other repositories directly within Outlook. Edit and collaborate on files within Outlook, letting DealCloud automatically synchronize any changes back to the content repository. Add new content directly to SharePoint or other systems using the familiar Outlook folder structure.

Offline access to content

Access content from Microsoft SharePoint and other content stores or file sharing services seamlessly from within Microsoft Outlook, whether online or offline. Dealmakers can view, add, and edit content — even when not connected to a network. With DealCloud’s offline access capability, distributed and remote teams and on-the-go dealmakers can all collaborate without frustrating network delays.

Automated email filing

File emails to the appropriate deal folder on SharePoint using assisted filing functionality that suggests the appropriate filing location based on an analysis of email or document content and context — minimizing time spent traversing complex hierarchies with large folder structures.

Insights and intelligence

Create a single pane of glass into each deal within Microsoft Outlook, including relevant content gathered from other firm applications such as financial management, document management, and practice management systems. Give dealmakers access to the depth and breadth of your firm’s collective intelligence.

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Maximize your
Microsoft 365 investment

Unify firmwide intelligence and enable deal team collaboration. Capitalize on the combined power of DealCloud and Microsoft 365 by driving document management and deal team collaboration through deal workflows.

Link content and folder structures across systems to ensure knowledge capture to satisfy firmwide compliance and security requirements.

DealCloud offers add-ins with Microsoft Excel, Outlook, Word, and other key applications to extend the DealCloud platform into everyday workflows by seamlessly integrating data and reporting from Microsoft applications directly into your pipeline.

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