Document and team collaboration

Virtual team collaboration and quick, easy document access are critical to driving efficiency and effective decision-making at professional and financial services firms. That’s why DealCloud integrates and expands upon Microsoft SharePoint, Teams, and Outlook capabilities to unify document collaboration and improve teamwork firmwide. With automatically provisioned deal-related workspaces and easily accessible documents for authorized team members, dealmakers can stay organized, increase their productivity, and engage in better, more inclusive decision-making.


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Good teamwork drives better firmwide outcomes

Help your professionals work better together by implementing purpose-built Microsoft SharePoint and Teams workspaces that bring everyone into the same virtual headquarters.


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Firmwide collaboration features and benefits

To make sure team members can easily access the right information at the right time, firms need software with a familiar, intuitive interface. The DealCloud platform simplifies document management and collaboration by turning Microsoft Teams and SharePoint into a virtual headquarters that’s designed for the way firm professionals work.


With the combined power of DealCloud and Microsoft 365, firms can:


  • Reduce time spent on administrative workflows
  • Ensure workspace structure with automated provisioning and maintenance
  • Meet users where they are with integrated document access in Microsoft SharePoint, Teams, and DealCloud
  • Deliver actionable intelligence with the ability to pin DealCloud reports and data in Microsoft Teams
  • Foster collaborative communications in Microsoft Teams with shared, actionable alerts delivered through DealCloud workflows

Feature overview

Automated workspace governance

Simplify workspace management in Microsoft SharePoint and Teams — from workspace creation and new task assignments to project closure and workspace dissolution. Give team members easy access to key documents and data, and deliver a consistent user experience with templatized layouts, structures, and documents.

Permissions controls and governance

Automate controls for workspace-creation permissions in SharePoint and Teams, as well as privacy, visibility, and access parameters through DealCloud workflows. Establish boundaries to limit workspace access and secure sensitive chats, files, and folders.

Integrated document management

Keep users in their flow of work with the ability to add, search, and access Microsoft SharePoint documents directly in DealCloud.

Teams insight and intelligence

Create a single pane of glass into each deal within Microsoft Teams: Pin DealCloud dashboards and record detail pages to Team channels.

Shared, actionable alerts

Distribute reminders to Microsoft Teams channels so team members can review associated details in DealCloud and collaborate on next steps without toggling back and forth between screens.

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Maximize your
Microsoft 365 investment

Unify firmwide intelligence and enable deal team collaboration. Capitalize on the combined power of DealCloud and Microsoft 365 by driving document management and deal team collaboration through deal workflows.

Link content and folder structures across systems to ensure knowledge capture to satisfy firmwide compliance and security requirements.

DealCloud offers add-ins with Microsoft Excel, Outlook, Word, and other key applications to extend the DealCloud platform into everyday workflows by seamlessly integrating data and reporting from Microsoft applications directly into your pipeline.

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