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Dealmakers and professionals in the financial and professional services ecosystem need robust data management solutions. Thanks to a constantly evolving market and increasing competition, it’s vital that professionals and firms keep their data organized in order to focus their efforts on deals, strategy, and relationships. Prioritizing, protecting, and properly analyzing the large quantities of data that legal, consulting, accounting, and capital markets firms manage can be a challenge. With DealCloud — the leading global financial and professional services CRM solution — data management can be drastically simplified.


Implementing a generic, industry-agnostic CRM system — one that isn’t built with financial and professional services firms in mind — often only meets a portion of your firm’s needs and becomes a roadblock to success in an increasingly competitive market. DealCloud’s deal and relationship management technology helps dealmakers and professionals focus their efforts in order to deliver on results, based on the firm’s proprietary and third-party data.


DealCloud recognizes the importance of building a single source of truth for dealmakers and professionals that’s purpose-built for complex, ever-evolving, and robust data sets. Sync your third-party data— leveraging providers such as PitchbookEquilarPreqinS&P Global and more — to the DealCloud platform to build a bridge that seamlessly connects all of your data, and all of the people who manage that data, within a single solution. Automate and audit existing data with ease and rest easy knowing your data is housed in one centralized, secure solution.


In addition to centralizing your firm’s data all in one place, DealCloud software provides the data management tools and functionality you need to keep data clean, accurate, and organized. We recognize that, regardless of firm size, migrating data from one platform to another can be challenging, as can implementing top tier data governance and stewardship programs. At DealCloud, we’ve aligned our entire organization around these common pain points and, as a result, we have the product capabilities, client support, and training capabilities to ensure you can achieve expert data management programs.


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Improving firmwide access to the data that matters most

DealCloud was built by industry experts to serve the unique needs of financial and professional services firms. That’s why we know how crucial it is to properly manage and protect the data that your firm leverages. We’ve created dedicated data management solutions, including the ability to merge entries, audit data, bulk import and export, and other mission-critical tasks, centering dealmakers’ day-to-day needs.


DealCloud lets your firm organize, guard, and properly report on data, no matter your organizational size, structure, or market. Our purpose-built solution not only creates a single source of truth for your firm’s institutional knowledge and data, but also includes next-generation functions that help users manipulate, update, and ratify data at scale, at the pace of real-time transactions.


Professionals in private equity, investment banking, venture capital, accounting, consulting, legal, and other financial and professional services sectors require purpose-built CRM technology that’s easily adaptable to the way they execute on live deals. When equipped with DealCloud’s suite of data-management tools and solutions, dealmakers and industry professionals can create 360-degree views of their data, keep them updated, and focus their efforts on deals and relationships.


Countless financial and professional services firms have implemented DealCloud and unlocked data management capabilities that empower their firms to deliver results more quickly. With DealCloud’s integrations for Microsoft ExcelWord, and Outlook, dealmakers can see not just a holistic view of their data, deal, and relationship management tasks, but keep that information updated as deals progress and due diligence unfolds. Thanks to DealCloud’s mobile application and cloud-based desktop application, data from within the platform can be accessed and updated from wherever a dealmaker wants to work.


Using DealCloud’s DataCortex solution, financial and professional services firms gain access to industry contact data, private and public company data, deals, news, and other sources of researched data — all in one inclusive solution. Save time by searching third-party data sets directly within DealCloud and eliminate the need to toggle between multiple sites. We’ve proudly partnered with some of the best financial and professional services data providers, including PitchbookEquilarPreqinS&P Global Market Intelligence, and other leading data providers.


Implement DealCloud at your private equity firm to access key data management tools and best practices:


  • Audit and optimize existing data within DealCloud
  • Check, manage, and mitigate duplicate data
  • Monitor incomplete or missing data
  • Define user permissions to edit and delete appropriate data
  • Sync data across various platforms, including web, mobile, and Microsoft Outlook
  • Upload and export large quantities of data with ease
  • Revert changes and recall data that’s accidentally deleted or changed
  • Save time by bulk editing and updating existing data
  • Organize data entry using list management
  • Automate relevant updates to your firm using data automation rules

Our data management and data migration expertise

DealCloud offers a best-of-breed data management solution trusted by global firms of all types and sizes. We’ve developed extensive best practices to streamline your day-to-day data access. Data management training is a critical component of being a DealCloud client. Users gain access to DealCloud University — an online resource with how-to videos and interactive documentation — that helps your teams learn data management best practices, tips, and tricks that drastically reduce administrative burden, save time, and allows dealmakers and professionals to focus on transactions as they unfold in real time.


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DealCloud data management features

Deduplication and entry merging

DealCloud’s easy-to-use Merge Entries tool helps maintain strong data across the firm so you can combine metadata and references from multiple entries into a single entry — eliminating duplicate records for a single entry or at scale.

Data cleanliness reports

 DealCloud offers data cleanup dashboards you can leverage to pursue cleaner, more actionable data. These dashboards break down various important pieces of missing or incomplete data in a given list, profile, report, widget, or other area of your firm’s CRM.

Data centralization

DealCloud makes it easy for professionals to house their contacts, activities, and any other critical data in one place. With these advantages, dealmakers can better manage relationships, execute on transactions, and expand their portfolios.

Revert changes

 At DealCloud, we know mistakes happen. That’s why our platform allows certain users to leverage deletion logs. Leaders can see the date records were deleted, the user who made the deletion, its source, the affected list, and the number of deleted entities. When needed, users can undelete the record(s).


Bulk edit

In the financial and professional services space, deals move fast. Sporting intuitive spreadsheet functionality, DealCloud users can add, delete, filter, reorder, swap, view, hide columns, and add data quickly — all of which will be immediately applied across a user’s or firm’s DealCloud instance.

Data import and export

When your firm becomes a DealCloud client, a meaningful implementation process imports only the most valuable data into your CRM. From there, your firm can configure rules and permissions that enable greater data cleanliness and reduced risk of data loss, defining who can import data, export data, and at what frequency.


DealCloud differentiators

Unlike traditional CRMs, DealCloud is built to serve the industry-specific data management needs of financial and professional services firms. Our technology solution centralizes your firm’s disorganized proprietary and third-party data, transforming it into meaningful intelligence, all while providing dealmakers and professionals with built-in tools that make it easy to update, edit, import, export, and leverage their intelligence. Customize your notifications and automate your pipeline reporting with predictive insights via email, web, and mobile interfaces delivered at the cadence you prefer.


Update your permissions and tailor DealCloud on a user-by-user basis so every individual gets the appropriate tools and views they need for their role. Streamline the identification and management of conflicts of interest and avoid reputation-damaging regulatory infractions with our conflicts management solution.


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Although the past several decades have ushered in a number of data-management advances, purpose-built technologies like DealCloud are on the rise because they’re uniquely suited for financial and professional services firms. Our financial and professional services data-management platform helps your team members get their work done accurately, quickly, and more easily.


It’s time for financial and professional services firms to address the complexities of our industry with an all-in-one CRM and data management solution squarely focused on helping move the needle. Schedule a demo of our financial and professional services data management software today.

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