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“DealCloud is the most popular platform for fundraising and investor relations.”

– IQ-EQ & The Drawdown, Tech Transformation Survey, September 2021


Today, investor relations (IR) and fundraising professionals are expected to synthesize complex data to tell a story about fund performance and progress towards fundraising goals. When it comes time for capital calls and deal roadshows, these professionals must have access to real-time analytics.


Gone are the days of housing institutional knowledge in a software platform built for another business model ― instead, IR and fundraising teams are operationalizing their efforts by leveraging DealCloud, a purpose-built solution.


With DealCloud, the entire firm — from sourcing and origination, to LP communications, is made easy. By centralizing all of the firm’s most critical proprietary and third-party data, DealCloud enables the entire firm, including fundraising and investor relations managers, to have visibility and insight into the firm’s key activities and initiatives.


Our platform is easy to use and can be accessed on-the-go via our next-generation mobile app, at home or in the office via our cloud-based desktop application, or from the inside of your email inbox. No matter the firm’s size, strategy, or operating model, implementing the DealCloud platform allows dealmakers to access a single source of truth and be free from the burden of data management.

Integrated fundraising and IR data at your fingertips

Having IR-specific data housed within the same platform as the firm’s proprietary information, documents, and relationship data creates a more seamless day-to-day experience for all team members. It also increases transparency across internal and external stakeholders.


By partnering with third-party data providers such as Preqin, DealCloud gives firms a fuller view of every data point when and where they need it.


The integration of Preqin’s data and intelligence through DataCortex enables global deal professionals to enhance their private markets knowledge base, answer their limited partners’ questions, and meet their reporting requirements easily. Through this partnership, dealmakers can populate DealCloud with data from Preqin, PitchBook, S&P Global Market Intelligence or a host of other data providers to curate investor profiles, learn LP investment criteria, track allocations, house key contact information, and stay up-to-date on transactions.


These data partnerships allow DealCloud clients to access the work of dedicated global researchers and to have that data automatically synced into their CRM. In doing so, capital markets professionals are better able to forge and maintain direct relationships with private markets firms and investors. It also guarantees that the data delivered is accurate, timely, and verified against proprietary data and other inputs from the firm. By leveraging this data through DataCortex, dealmakers and fundraisers gain relevant and actionable insights on investment plans and past investment activity that gives their firm a competitive edge in a fraction of the time.



Investor relations CRM features and benefits

Industries as complex as private equity, investment banking, venture capital, and more, demand purpose-built capital markets CRM technology that’s easily configured to meet their firm’s unique needs. DealCloud is custom-fit for the complex relationships and transaction structures at those firms and adapts to the unique ways each firm works. With DealCloud’s Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Outlook integrations, dealmakers have a comprehensive single source of truth and a 360 view when it comes to deal and relationship management.


Designed for the complex needs of partner-driven capital markets firms, DealCloud offers vertical-specific solutions to help organizations drive growth, increase efficiency and profitability, operate with transparency, manage risk and compliance, and deliver client success.


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Customer relationship management software features:

Improved communication with investors

Keeping in touch and maintaining relationships with limited partners (LPs) has always been an important responsibility within the firm. Fundraisers and IR professionals are better equipped to communicate with investors when they have a 360-degree view of the firm and its investments — an outcome only DealCloud provides.


Enhanced reporting and analytics

Whether generating weekly, monthly, quarterly, or ad-hoc reports, fundraisers and IR professionals need accurate and verified data at their fingertips. The DealCloud platform enables the centralization and democratization of the firm’s data so that LPs can receive the information they need quickly.

Single source of truth

When an investment decision needs to be made, or an IR statement needs to be issued, there’s no time to search across countless Excel files and emails. DealCloud centralizes and standardizes the firm’s entire data ecosystem, allowing fundraising and investor relations professionals to have better access to the information they need, when they need it.


Seamless third-party data integrations

DealCloud partners with the world’s leading capital markets data providers to ensure that our clients have on-demand and central access to the information they need. Gone are the days of manually searching for investment preferences, allocations, and other data. Instead, DealCloud places that data into the CRM and into reports nightly so that dealmakers can focus on what’s most important: closing deals and managing relationships.


Improved visibility on investments

As your firm grows and increases its AUM, reporting becomes more and more important. DealCloud provides all of the modern data visualization, dashboarding, notification-setting, and templated reporting capabilities that investor relation professionals need to stay in-the-know with each and every investment, no matter the fund or the vehicle.


More sophisticated marketing capabilities

Whether planning an investor roadshow, inviting LPs to a webinar, or collecting feedback from investors via survey, the DealCloud platform comes equipped with the modern marketing capabilities firms need to get the word out quickly. All data is already synced in DealCloud, making follow-ups easy and measurement painless.



DealCloud differentiators

What makes DealCloud’s platform different from other traditional CRM platforms is that our software was built for the complex needs of dealmakers. With thousands of deals and fundraising processes being managed on the platform daily, our software is the only one on the market that supports and unifies the data of deal originators, analysts, managing partners, IR professionals,  marketers, and operating partners.  In doing so, we create more effective and operationally efficient firms that can easily manage transactions throughout the entire investment lifecycle.


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Rather than isolate key fundraising and IR data from the rest of the firm (and vice versa), DealCloud harmonizes the firm’s entire data ecosystem. Our software enables firms to find and define their own balance between transparency, compliance, and confidentiality.  When confidential or sensitive matters arise, DealCloud’s platform allows access to be restricted to certain groups or users.


Our platform is more than just a CRM — it is a secure, cloud-based solution that protects and centralizes all of the firm’s key activities, deadlines, events, diligence requirements, and more. While deal professionals and relationship managers may enjoy the “standard” CRM use cases such as relationship and pipeline management, our software also provides investor relations, fundraising, and marketing managers with the tools they need to be successful. From one-click, pre-formatted PDF “tear sheets” and downloadable reports, to an integrated email and web marketing toolkit, DealCloud has the tools every firm needs to act as a cohesive, integrated operation.



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“For investor relations, DealCloud has improved our tracking of limited partner and prospective limited partner interactions, allowing us to engage in more targeted business development activities and improve visibility into our fundraising pipeline.”

Irene Hong Edwards

“We are very diligent in all aspects of our business including selecting service providers. After several months of evaluating numerous technology solutions to replace our investment and relationship management systems, DealCloud emerged as the clear winner. We selected DealCloud for its versatile functionality and found it to be easily adaptable for our firm. The platform will complement our current investment and investor relations processes as our firm continues to scale. As we continue to grow as a firm, DealCloud will allow us to work more efficiently on the investment side and will assist us with building and strengthening our relationships.”

Chris Faucher

“We service managers that offer more niche type strategies than your typical direct lending. The innovative nature of these mandates means that our platforms must be equally complex. Choosing the DealCloud platform to digitally manage our capital raising efforts and institutional investor relationships was a natural fit.”

Jess Larsen

“We led a competitive selection process with various PE and Real Estate CRM providers. As we moved through the process, it became increasingly evident that DealCloud would provide the most value-add to our fundraising process from Day 1. Additionally, the deal management component has provided improved tools for helping us to evaluate new real estate opportunities and to manage our existing portfolio.”

Jason Claro

“We needed a platform that would be able to keep up with our fast-paced environment, strengthening our investor relations, and supporting our fundraising activity. We are committed to constantly improving our communication with our investors and increasing efficiency of our fundraising processes, thus have introduced one of the best tools available in the market.”

Monika Nachyla

“From the first demo it was clear to us that DealCloud would enhance our business. Unlike other technology providers, DealCloud is tailored to the financial services industry and provides a seamless CRM, project management and operational KPI monitoring platform. DealCloud has driven efficiencies in our business as our investor communications, deal and regulatory processes are now fully integrated on one platform.”

Gianpaolo Pera

“We selected DealCloud for its simplicity of use and versatile functionality. The platform is intuitive and will complement our origination and investor relations processes.”

Jolyon Latimer

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