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Traditional CRMs can sort and store key contact information, but only DealCloud offers relationship intelligence technology that lets you increase deal sourcing, business development, fundraising, and related functions and helps you leverage the reach and strength of your personal connections and the firm’s professional network. By accessing relationship intelligence through DealCloud, you can now intelligently scan your personal network — and those of your colleagues — for lucrative referrals. Dealmakers can gain a competitive edge by leveraging the strongest relationships within the firm, and minimize the substantial risk of relationship loss or damage to the firm as a result of employee attrition.


DealCloud’s Relationship Intelligence solution seamlessly identifies who knows whom within your firm and establishes relationship scores based on the volume, recency, and type of engagement by passively harvesting metadata from emails and events using the DealCloud Microsoft Outlook Add-In. By connecting your email activity to your pipeline management solution, you can better maintain updated relationship information without wasting time on manual data entry. And with key information on relationships centrally stored and organized in the cloud within DealCloud, your firm can finally establish a relationship network that promotes firm wide transparency and serves as a single source of truth. 



Grow your business with DealCloud Relationship Intelligence, the solution designed to increase deal sourcing and origination, business development, market coverage, investor relations, and fundraising by helping you leverage the reach and strength of your personal connections and professional network to find the clearest and most influential path to opportunity with other firms and dealmakers.
By combining firms’ high-quality contact and relationship data with the DealCloud platform’s client and engagement lifecycle data, our clients can outperform their peers and achieve competitive advantage as a result of data-driven business development and stronger collaboration.



  • Centralize and organize your firm’s relationship network
  • Access rapid insights into the health of your network relationships
  • Source deals through your professional network
  • Promote key relationship-nurturing tasks
  • Update existing contacts without time-wasting manual data entry
  • Reduce key relationship decay and quickly identify at-risk contacts

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Solution overview

Relationship tiering

Build a relationship-tiering structure that fits your firm’s unique needs and organizational structure. DealCloud technology lets you quickly describe a relationship with another contact or firm in order to help your team fully grasp the value or potential of the entity.

Flexible relationship ownership

Enforce accountability and reward task and relationship ownership with DealCloud’s flexible tagging capabilities. Ensure proper coverage of deals, people, and opportunities through DealCloud’s intelligent tagging layer, designed for the complex needs of financial services firms.

Historical accessible view of communication

Track banker, deal source, LP, and other stakeholder communication directly within the DealCloud platform. Access third-party integration tools, such as DealCloud’s Microsoft Outlook Add-In, to help track conversations and meetings directly from your inbox

One-click tear sheet downloads

Create tear sheets using pre-formatted report templates that help anyone at your firm gather relationship history from the web or mobile app with the click of a button. More accessible relationship data and analytics help your firm stay better connected.


Stronger coverage models

Use relationship intelligence to streamline and more effectively manage sourcing channels, whether you’re using DealCloud on the buy- or sell-side — and make it easier to determine which channels bear the most fruit, and which need attention or nurturing. 

Better relationship management

Move away from outdated Rolodexes and spreadsheets. DealCloud lets users access proprietary and third-party contact data, helping dealmakers organize their databases and prioritize relationships appropriately.


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Although most dealmakers recognize the value of their professional relationships, they often fail to fully leverage them. Without technology to support the relationship management process, firm leaders and dealmakers alike struggle to maintain the consistent communication required to maintain long-term, closely held relationships. As a result, firms risk substantial damage to relationships or loss of potential due to employee attrition.


If you suspect your relationships may be faltering, schedule a demo of DealCloud’s relationship intelligence solution today to learn firsthand how our technology supports a healthy and lucrative relationship network.


Schedule a demo of our relationship intelligence solution today.


Curious about how relationship intelligence works? In this video, we’ll explore how relationship scoring works, how DealCloud data gets populated through your interactions with a contact, and how you can use this information to properly assess relationship health within DealCloud.

DealCloud differentiators


When we say the DealCloud capital markets CRM is fully configurable, we mean it: It’s easy to access and configure any field or data set to fit your firm’s exact needs. In a competitive market, modern dealmakers must use their time wisely and leverage CRM software to help. DealCloud’s mobile app, along with functionalities such as the business card scanner, “work on behalf of” feature, scheduled reports, and more, help dealmakers to be more efficient, especially when on the road. With DealCloud’s configuration, clients are able to track what they need and eliminate what they don’t.


“DealCloud’s relationship intelligence easily surfaced relationships that we had previously identified as important but where our interactions were not at the level they should have been. In addition, it quickly and visually shows the depth of our firm’s relationship with a contact or company.”

Scott Salpeter, President

“When we are speaking to a client, we are able to see everything we are doing with them across our business — what we’ve shown them, how we’re working with them, and when we last spoke to them. It’s truly everything we could want to know about how any one of our relationships are working and evolving — making us an even more compelling force in the midmarket.”

Jonathan Boyers, Managing Partner

“FMI is a relationship driven business, and this technology allows us to stay on top of those connections to ensure we are provided the most value across the full deal lifecycle.”

Andrew Henderson, Vice President

“DealCloud plays a pivotal role in the way firms manage their deal processes and key relationships, and we are excited to invest from our balance sheet to support the company and its management team in their continued growth.”

Erik Hirsch, Vice Chairman

“After several months of evaluating numerous technology solutions to replace our investment and relationship management systems, DealCloud emerged as the clear winner. As we continue to grow as a firm, DealCloud will allow us to work more efficiently on the investment side and will assist us with building and strengthening our relationships.”

Chris Faucher, Vice President

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