7th Annual Private Equity US Forum

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The 7th Annual Private Equity US Forum is the leading investor centric meeting for LPs investing in private markets.

The forum brings together 500+ investors, funds, and advisers for a two day meeting to discuss sectors, due diligence, and private equity investment opportunities in the US and around the world.

The investor focused event provides a due diligence forum for US and international pension funds, foundations, endowments, fund of funds, family offices, wealth managers, consultants, and sovereign wealth funds interested in direct research on private investment opportunities.

Ben Harrison, DealCloud CRO, will participate in the “Sourcing, Practicing Efficient Due Diligence & Downside Risk Mitigation” panel discussion. Which covers how GPs & LPs are performing due diligence on direct investments to determine: cash flow quality, asset and liability quality, working capital, systems, personnel, financial projection analysis and downside risk mitigation. As allocations to private equity funds continue to increase, so does the level of scrutiny managers incorporate into this process. Significant due diligence is performed by LPs when evaluating a private equity fund opportunity and by GPs as they invest in new portfolio companies. The investigation includes not only the investment capability and growth thesis of the potential target, but also the equally important governance and operational structure of the organization. Joining him in the discussion are John Ward, Managing Director, of Duff & Phelps, Gabe Glass, Senior Principal Consultant, of ACA Performance Services, Vipul Amin, Managing Director, of The Carlyle Group, Coye Nokes, Partner, of OC&C Strategy Consultants and Leonard Brooks, Founder & President, of Daniel Island Capital.

Session topics cover the entire spectrum of private equity investments, from sector specific sessions on venture capital to discussions on global buyout opportunities and roundtables of leading global institutional investors discussing their specific investment appetites.

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