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Market-leading capital markets firms across the private equity, investment banking and advisory, fund of fund, family office, corporate development, venture capital, growth equity, real estate, lending, and LP verticals rely on DealCloud to work more efficiently and competitively. From day one, we’ve worked closely with these firms to develop and deliver products and services that drive meaningful outcomes.




Case Studies

 Stephens bankers recognized they needed a highly configurable platform that could be customized to fit the firm’s specific deal and relationship management processes.

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KPMG Corporate Finance in the U.K. desired a technology tailored specifically to the needs of M&A processes. They selected DealCloud to centralize and democratize institutional knowledge.

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Raymond James financial wealth management logo to showcase use of CRM

Raymond James needed to find a configurable, enterprise-grade system that could be used across the entire investment bank and act as the central hub for all deal and relationship management.

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Kairos Investment Management Company needed a more dynamic and highly configurable solution, which led them to implement DealCloud as their real estate investment management software.

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Evolem understood they needed technology that was purpose-built for private equity industry professionals.

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After investing time and energy into retrofitting a generic system that only marginally fit the firm’s needs, it became clear to the Boyne Capital team that they needed industry-specific technology.

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NGP Energy Capital Management desired a flexible, easy to use, purpose-built, industry-specific CRM solution that could enable data to be leveraged firmwide.

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FMI Capital Advisors recognized they needed a highly configurable platform that could be customized to fit their deal processes and workflows.

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Growth equity investor, FPE Capital, needed a solution to seamlessly share activities and knowledge across their firm.

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Private equity firm, Atlantic Street Capital, needed a technology to track and manage everything from deal sourcing to fundraising to business development.

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The real estate investment firm wanted to optimize productivity, streamline the deal execution process, and increase transparency across data outputs to execute on deals more effectively.

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This boutique investment bank was seeking the right CRM solution to fit its unique needs.

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This alternative investment management firm needed a better solution to stay informed in real-time and formalize relationship management data.


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This investment management firm was seeking a solution to streamline operations and improve business outcomes.

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The Sterling Organization investments team needed a more collaborative and efficient solution for deal and relationship management.

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The J2 Global Corporate Development team needed a more efficient way to manage its pipeline and deal flow.

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When it came time to formalize the deal and relationship management functions at the firm, PAI Partners knew they needed a system that was built for their specific purposes.

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We offer an in-depth case study that showcases how FSN Capital more efficiently managed its pipeline and deal flow  by leveraging DealCloud’s technology.

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For the Deal Advisory team at Gerald Edelman, having a single source of truth for all deal and relationship data for every client and client project was imperative.

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“We extensively examined the marketplace of providers of enterprise CRM systems to the investment banking industry. We knew we had found the right solution when we realized the extent to which DealCloud is purpose-built for the investment banking and private capital marketplaces. We had a very effective implementation experience and receive outstanding service from the industry experts on DealCloud’s Account Management team.”

Leslie Ann B. Curry

“We were diligent when selecting an information solution to power the future of deal origination and execution for Brentwood. In the end, only DealCloud provided the data flexibility and interactive capabilities we felt would drive clarity and productivity throughout our business.”




Craig Milius

“DealCloud’s understanding of the deal process and CRM needs of investment teams is unique. Park Square has deep relationships across the market and the ease of day-to-day use and out-of-the-box reporting has significantly improved the way we manage these relationships.”

Andrew Haywood

“As a hyper-focused venture firm, we hold ourselves to a high standard when it comes to being process-driven and methodical in our approach to investing. We rely on DealCloud to organize our deal and relationship management efforts and to centralize data pertaining to our portfolio companies, capital and services providers, and talent network so that we can focus on being value-added partners to our brands and operators.”

Dan Gluck

“After a competitive selection process the offering from DealCloud was compelling. Galiant Partners has a modern approach to investment banking and embraces technology solutions to optimize its transaction and client relationship management.  The team at Galiant Partners looks forward to leveraging the DealCloud platform for the benefit of its clients and looks forward to working with the DealCloud global team.”


Jan-Erik Back

“We’ve already seen how useful DealCloud’s tailored platform can be. The platform allows us to work more efficiently by tracking our interactions, internal workflow and deal origination.”

Graham Thomas

“We process an extraordinary amount of documents, and have countless meetings, emails, and phone calls. We leverage DealCloud to help us turn our day-to-day activities into business development opportunities, and the solution helps us execute and report on deals more efficiently.”


Check out DealCloud’s Kayne Anderson Real Estate case study here.

Anthony Mariano

“We were very aware that we didn’t have to reinvent the wheel when it came to tech. We have followed DealCloud closely over the last couple of years and it became evident through the scoping process that DealCloud was best in class. The platform provides unparalleled degrees of flexibility enabling us to use data as effectively as possible across all areas of deal and relationship management. We will also use it for investor relations as we hold further closes throughout 2021 after the recent launch of our second fund. Remote working conditions have put greater demands on efficient technology and having DealCloud in place will provide a step-change improvement to how we can operate and help to optimise our performance in deploying Fund II.”

Simon Danielli, Head of Special Projects

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