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Your firm’s ability and willingness to maintain strong, clean data right from the start is critically important. Great data stewardship is one of the easiest ways to ensure that every member of your team is getting the most out of the DealCloud platform, and has proven to be a crucial element of your firms’ operational success.


In today’s world, we find ourselves drowning under what seems like copious amounts of data constantly changing and being modified before our eyes. Since DealCloud leverages the DealCloud platform internally for relationship management, business development, and organizational efficiency, we can relate to the pain points our clients feel regarding day-to-day data management. In response to this pain, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite DealCloud tools that can be leveraged at any time (we recommend weekly, monthly, quarterly) to assure your team stays afloat amidst the rising tide of data.


Merge entries


DealCloud’s Merge Entries tool is not only very straightforward and easy to use, but very helpful in maintaining strong data firm-wide. This tool can be used to combine metadata and references from multiple entries into a single entry, eliminating duplicate records.



Data cleanup dashboards

At DealCloud, we believe it is very important to be consistently updating and maintaining your firm’s data to keep it as strong as possible. Thus, we offer Data Cleanup Dashboards that our clients can leverage in their pursuit of cleaner, more actionable data. These dashboards break down various important pieces of data that are missing in a given list and present this in a number of valuable ways:



Lastly, we suggest adding a time element to your dashboards because it allows users to actively manage and update their firm’s data based on the last time it was modified. As mentioned, we recommend checking and updating your data as often as possible whether it be on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.



Revert changes


DealCloud’s Revert Changes tool is an extremely helpful method of allowing a user to bring back any data throughout the site that was once deleted for any reason, whether it be accidental or purposeful (we all make mistakes!).


By simply navigating to this page, the user will be presented with a grid that displays a log of every record that has ever been deleted from the site. This information will include the date the record was deleted, the user who made the deletion, its source, the list it was deleted from, and the number of entities deleted. In selecting the record of choice, the tool will allow you to again review the deleted record and its entities. If you so choose, you can undelete the record(s).

This feature is also permissionable – meaning firm leadership can permit and restrict which users can see and amend the log of deleted records.

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Stephanie Fels Michaelson

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