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The DealCloud team is continuously innovating to make our product as indispensable as possible, and this quarter we made some big enhancements in user experience, reporting, automation, and data management.


At DealCloud, data is at the heart of what we do. It’s what informs our solutions and has made our platform a vital tool for clients around the world. But our work doesn’t stop with organizing data points for our clients so that they can make better, faster, and more informed decisions. Equally as important is learning from the data that we have to continuously improve our user experience and better understand what matters most to the capital markets dealmakers who use our platforms every single day.


This is something we do on a regular basis, and every quarter, we make important enhancements that address the needs of our clients. Most recently, these quarterly updates included improvements to our interactive reporting and data visualization tools, our automated workflows, and our data management dashboards. These enhancements were the focus of our latest webinar, led by Max Haskin (head of client solutions) and Melissa Kennedy (product manager). Below is a quick overview of what these enhancements look like, what they mean for our clients, and how to get the most out of them.


Interactive reporting and data visualization


First and foremost, our goal is for clients to get as much out of DealCloud as possible. This includes providing access to the data we curate from various sources and organizing it in a way that matters most for each individual client and company we work with. With our latest updates, we’ve created a much more dynamic experience where users can customize how they view the data and sort by different metrics such as active deals, industries, investment committees, and more. Users can tailor their experience and use multi-sorting to view the right mix of data points and filters that matter most to them.


Additionally, we’ve also added more functionality to our visualization options. While the graphs and charts we offer have long been a part of the platform, users can now view the specific data sources and widgets behind those graphs. This information has been made much more accessible, instead of something that had to be searched for.


Automated workflows


Another enhancement to our platform this quarter included increased automation within our reporting features. Now, when preparing a report to discuss the status of a project, users can include more wildcards that customize underlying information. For example, updates such as the name of the deal, the stage it is in, the investment committee, and more can all be customized and then saved for future use – instead of being inputted manually each time. When notifications are sent out, the data users want included can be fully customized and changed on a case-by-case basis.


Knowing the importance of time sensitive information as well, we’ve also enabled automatic notifications to be sent as soon as a pre-determined trigger has taken place. When a deal reaches a certain stage for example, notifications can be sent instantaneously rather than waiting to be released.


Flexibility is key and this is something we’ve really strived for in these latest updates. With more wildcards to choose from that further customize each notification, users don’t need to go searching for data or spending valuable time creating new reports each time they are in the system. We’ve significantly expanded the power of automated notifications and how they can be used.


Data management


Finally, our third major enhancement to the platform includes a greater ability to pull data from our third-party providers and sync it with DealCloud. Users can now more easily toggle back and forth between DataCortex (our financial data management solution that allows users to source opportunities, manage their pipeline, and execute on deals) and DealCloud, running the same searches across different providers. Users can also now run searches on all of our provider databases using the same keywords and phrases.


More consistent data management is a big improvement in the DataCortex experience in particular. Not all data providers have the same abilities to run searches and create the same filters, much less run those same queries in DealCloud. We’ve made the data search experience more constant across the board, so that users can very quickly and accurately match data points and sync new deal opportunities into the DealCloud system.


We know how valuable data is and the opportunities it provides are growing on a daily basis. The updates we’ve made to our platform this quarter reflect the needs and feedback of our clients and we look forward to continuously improving our solutions to make them as effective as possible.


To learn more about the latest product enhancements, get in touch with our team.


Max Haskin

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