Why your firm needs a central database for success in the debt capital markets


During the COVID-19 pandemic, firms operating in the debt capital markets (DCM) realized that implementing integrated data systems is no longer just a nicety but a necessity. Managing several disparate and unique software platforms costs professionals a significant amount of time and effort, which in turn can lead to poor client service and satisfaction. Thankfully, technology and the development of vertical-specific CRMs allow firms to keep all contacts, activities, and other critical information in one place, making it easier for firms to operate efficiently. With DealCloud’s central database for deal and relationship management, DCM finance professionals can rely on a single source of truth to help them manage relationships, execute deals, and easily connect with external solutions and third-party data providers.


Direct Access to Every Aspect of Sophisticated Relationships

With competition more prevalent than ever, it’s critical for DCM professionals to keep their strategies strong and their relationships stronger. Firms must develop relationships with a wide array of professionals and firms at every stage of the transaction lifecycle. Because of the complex nature of relationships, Rolodexes and spreadsheets are no longer the best tools for storing such important and evolving data.


Without the right technology platform in place, DCM professionals risk losing connections or letting relationships grow stale. DealCloud’s central database is essential for relationship management because it centralizes communication data and helps firms transform average day-to-day activities into actionable relationship intelligence when sourcing leveraged finance investments.


Leveraging the Lender Network dashboard (below) in DealCloud is just one way users can put their relationship data to work. In DealCloud, leveraged finance professionals can see a full view of co-investors and fellow deal participants. Easy-to-use filters allow lenders to view firms based on strategy, institution type, and deal process stage.

Technology like DealCloud makes it possible to source and track data in a single, accessible place. By taking advantage of this capability, firms can manage relationships more efficiently and effectively for the long-term success of the firm.


A Single Source of Truth for Deal Transparency

Whether your firm’s culture leans toward intelligence sharing or your professionals tend to keep information close to their chests, a central database for your deal and relationship management platform can inherently change the transparency paradigm. DealCloud helps transform the knowledge of capital markets firms into actionable intelligence. By leveraging DealCloud’s central database, capital markets professionals will be more empowered to share information for the greater good of the firm, thereby helping deals close faster. You’ll no longer have to waste time asking your colleagues for the latest deal update or searching your email inbox for information.


A Better Pipeline

In today’s complex investment landscape, it’s essential for firms to keep a watchful eye on the progress of each deal they pursue. DealCloud’s central database for DCM professionals provides numerous benefits for firms looking to institutionalize deal, relationship, and pipeline management workflow processes. By leveraging the Deal Pipeline dashboard in DealCloud (below), capital markets professionals gain a 360-degree view of their deal pipeline by stage, seniority, and volume.

DealCloud has a proven track record for centralizing firmwide intelligence and transforming it into the proprietary insights your firm and people need to grow the deal pipeline. DealCloud helps DCM professionals transform the ways they approach every stage of a deal, from origination to execution. To find out how you can build a better pipeline in the debt capital markets, schedule a demo with the DealCloud team.


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Olivia Simons

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