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Building relationships with executive-level talent is a critical part of any deal process, and maintaining those relationships is even more paramount. By cultivating and managing these relationships, private equity professionals gain a strong advantage when seeking candidates to fill leadership roles within their portfolio companies. Research conducted by the Harvard Business Review shows that private equity firms nearly always replace CEOs after investing in a company. Considering the dozens of investments private equity firms make, capital markets professionals require efficient talent tracking software to streamline the hiring process and help find the right candidates for their portfolio companies.


With DealCloud’s executive talent tracking software — purpose-built for capital markets — private equity professionals can leverage custom dashboards and reports to easily track executive talent, all within the same platform where they manage deals and relationships. By leveraging the Executive Network dashboard in DealCloud, private equity leaders will find the strongest candidates and achieve the best outcomes for their investment companies.


Find the Best Candidates for Executive Roles at Portfolio Companies


When private equity dealmakers make an investment, they evaluate how to achieve the greatest outcome in that investment. Many times, this means finding new executive talent to lead the portfolio company and help the organization grow. Private equity firms that leverage DealCloud’s executive talent tracking software can evaluate business needs and determine which executives in their network would be a good fit for a portfolio company based on several criteria, including which industries an executive previously worked in and what type of executive is needed for the role.


Using DealCloud, private equity leaders can view their executive contacts’ industry experience and networks to identify appropriate leadership candidates for their portfolio companies.


Before making an investment, private equity firms can get ahead of the competition using executive talent tracking software to determine which type of executive is needed for the new role.


DealCloud users can easily track people within their executive network and calculate the different types of executives within that network to help determine the type of executive needed for a portfolio company.


Categorize and Tier Executives for Optimal Placement


Private equity professionals may have a large volume of executives within their network, making it difficult to determine which of their contacts would be the best fit for an executive role. DealCloud lets users tier executives by industry and type to gain a clearer view of the strongest candidates.


Leveraging DealCloud, private equity professionals can tier executives by industry and type to allow for easier decision-making.


Organize and Maintain the Talent Pool


As private equity firms constantly make new investments, they need to maintain an active watch on top-tier talent. With DealCloud, private equity decision-makers leverage proprietary and third-party data sources such as PitchBook, Preqin, and FactSet to find and store executive talent data. Users can access and organize executive data by name, company, executive type, tier, and last evaluation, and can track deals that executives are being considered for.


Using DealCloud, private equity professionals can score candidates, allowing for quicker decision-making and helping firms place executives in a timely manner.


In addition to the aforementioned benefits, DealCloud lets capital markets professionals connect newly placed executives with coaches, consultants, and advisors, while also tracking communications with talent.


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